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What the fuck! Have I heard it correct possibly not, girlfriend kab kahan kaise? Sidharth you are gone for sure.

Sidharth you aren't serious right, Aditi asked matching my facial expressions.
Does it feels so, but for your knowledge I am pretty serious, he spoke wrapping his arms around My shoulder and I glared him..

Sidharth I said sternly but for just him to listen which he ignored again.

Abe teri biwi hai na, latest article tha I guess, toh girlfriend, adultery ka case banwa sakti hai teri biwi tujhpar, although She said in a offensive way but still it showed nothing but pure concern.

Abe nakli biwi case kaise banati hai yaar Adu, he spoke laughing but this Adu didn't sat well with me.

Nakli my God Sid yaar kya chal raha hai and aap ummm..... Aditi spoke.
Shehnaaz I spoke curtly and removed myself from his hold.

Shehnaaz sun na baby, he spoke.
Sidharth you messed up a big time I guess, I could hear Aditi spoke but I was fucked up for now, he couldn't just introduce me to his friends like this.

I walked upto the car and sighed. Was I actually behaving this way? But why? I hate PDA's but we weren't a couple to do such a thing. He was joking yaar Shehnaaz. I turned to go back again because it wasn't Aditi's fault, I should not have behaved like that with her.

Umm I am sorry Aditi, I didn't meant to be rude, I spoke honestly and she hugged me saying it's alright.
Ghar chaliye aaram se baat karenge, I spoke and this was the time for Sidharth to be shocked but he hide it pretty well.

Nhi it's alright aap log jaaiye, Aditi spoke.

Abe e chal na, tera pati bhi nhi hai abhi yahan kaheka bhao kha rahi hai, Sidharth spoke.

Are you sure, she asked and I nodded.

Vaise Ria used to be her best friend Aditi, only I didn't knew teri beti hai, Sidharth joked once all of us were settled in his living room.

Haina, She was too Aadia aisi hai, vaisi hai drawing karti hai, yeh sab chalta tha, phir all of a sudden band ho gaya, bache these days She spoke laughing.

Tu India vapis Kyun aai be, itni yaad aai humari, He asked.
Teri yaad nhi aa rahi thi, Apne aap ko zyada importance mat de, she smirked and I laughed silently, irony how can one laugh silently but I did.

Sahi hai, I muttered.
Sana beta, Voh Ramesh Kaka stopped in tracks seeing Aditi.

Ramesh Kaka, she spoke and stood up touching his feets.
Jeeti raho bacha, he spoke keeping his hand on her head.

Dr. Baba kaise he, Kaka asked Aditi and she smiled.
Ek dum fine, In fact bahut miss karte hai India, she spoke and I knew at the moment that she is some old friend of Sidharth, isliye she knows everything about him and his family.

Voh nhi aaye India Vapis, he asked.
Kahan kaka, main bhi shaadi ke baad hi shift hui, Ria Aadia ke saath thi na, pata hota iski beti hai toh pehele hi aa jaati yahan, she spoke and he smiled.

Kaka aap bula rahe the, I asked.
Haan voh na ye Aahnik baba ke hai shayad, gaadi washing ke liye deni thi, shayad uss din jab Sanchi bitiya ke saath gaye the na tab bhool gaye the, he spoke handling his shoes which he might have forgot in the car the other day they all went for outing.

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