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I woke up in the middle of the night to someone screaming next to me. I look to my left to see a girl, no more than the age of twelve, shaking and crying.

"Hey, hey," I cooed, shaking her. "You're okay, everything's okay." She whimpered and I took her into my arms.

"What's your name?" I asked. She looked up at me through glassy eyes.

"Charlotte," She smumbled.

"Do your nightmares happen often, Charlotte?"

She hesitated before answering. "Yeah, they do."

"It'll be okay. I used to have nightmares too. But you know what my mom told me? She told me anything you're dreaming about can't be real, even if it's a past experience. You know why?" I told her.

"Why?" She tilted her head curiously.

"Because dreams are only what we make of them. If we let them get in the way of things, they'll tear us down. But if we stand up to them, they can't do anything," I smiled at her. She grinned and hugged my neck.

"Thank you," She mumbled.

"No problem," I answered. "Now, get some sleep." She curled up next to me and drifted off, and I followed right after.

↠ ↠ ↠ ↠ ↠

I woke up the next morning with a jacket draped over me. I looked around sleepily to see who could have left it for me, but found no one. I sighed and made sure Charlotte was okay before going into the dropship.

"His pulse is 380," Clarke said to everyone. I looked nervously at Jasper.

He started groaning, and I heard someone from downstairs yell, "Someone shut that kid up!" I made my way to the hatch, but Clarke stopped me.

"It's not worth it," she said and I sat down grudgingly. "I'm gonna get clean water, keep an eye on him."

I shifted over to Monty, who was looking at Jasper, a sullen look etched on his face. "Hey, he'll be okay. He's a fighter, I know it."

"And what if you're wrong?" Monty asked me.

"If I'm wrong then you can personally kick my ass," I grinned and shoved him lightly. He laughed and shoved me back.

↠ ↠ ↠ ↠ ↠

"Stop it! You're killing him!" Octavia screamed when she saw what was going on. We were currently holding Jasper down while Clarke cut the infected flesh away.

"She's trying to save his life," Finn replied.

"She can't," Bellamy walked up and I shot him a glare.

"Back off," Wells told him.

"We didn't walk through miles of woods just for him to die," I grunted, holding Jasper down.

"Kid's a gonner, if you can't see that you're deluded," Bellamy said. "He's making people crazy."

"Sorry if Jasper's an inconvenience to you, but this isn't the Ark," I snapped getting up to face Bellamy. I stared up at him feircely. "Down here, every life matters."

"Take a look at him," He replied, staring back down at me. "He's a lost cause."

"Octavia," Clarke's voice broke the silence, and mine and Bellamy's staring competition, "I've spent my whole life watching my mother heal people. If I say there's hope, there's hope."

"This isn't about hope," Bellamy cut in, "it's about guts. You don't have the guts to make the hard choices; I do. He's been like this for three days. If he's not better by tomorrow, I'll kill him myself." He climbed back down the ladder. "Octavia, let's go."

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