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Three days later, life was moving on for everyone, with the consequences still visible. Especially in Mark's hand.

"It's still swollen. I'd give it another day of rest." Callie suggested Mark that morning as she was looking at the hand he punched Derek with.

"I haven't operated in three days." Mark complained. He hadn't taken the whole thing well. Natalie hadn't either. But she didn't want to show him how mad she was at Derek. Because she was also worried about him and she wanted them to make up. Derek hadn't showed up at the hospital since he lost his patient.

"Don't hit people with your scalpel hand." Callie pointed out. "Have you talked to him yet?"

"He threw the first punch." Mark said annoyed.

"Well, you did catch him at a bad time." Callie reminded him. There was no point at making things worse. Because Mark had every right to be mad and she knew it.

"So he lost a patient. Boo- Hoo." Mark said mockingly. "We're surgeons. We're men. We lose patients. It doesn't give him the right to go around behaving like a drunk frat boy. And now I'm supposed to go crawling back begging for his forgiveness?" Half way through his speech, Callie spotted Arizona walking with Natalie. "What, uh- - What are you doing?" Mark asked mid-sentence when Callie hid behind him. He turned around and saw Natalie with Arizona chatting. "Do you think they had a thing?" Mark asked her. He hadn't really stopped thinking about the comment Natalie had made the other day.

"No, Arizona dated her sister in college." Callie informed her. Being the only one who knew the whole story. "Arizona thought Natalie was her sister. So she kissed her instead."

"What are you doing?" Natalie walked up to them before Mark could ask anything else.

Callie stood up once she realised that Arizona had left. "I went all say anything on the peds surgeon in front of the peds surgeon's date. So now I am hiding from the peds surgeon."

"Mature." Mark commented.

"Honey, you got in a fistfight." Callie made a hand gesture, agreeing with Natalie and she walked away. "No judging." She reminded him and touched his hand.

"Hand! Hand!" Mark groaned in pain. 

"Oh, god. I'm sorry. I forgot." Natalie winced when she noticed that it was his bruised hand. "I'm so sorry. I feel terrible about everything, about the fight and your hand and Derek and... You know, Meredith's saying that he's not doing so well. I really think that you should talk to him."

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