Dirty Harry Styles

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You just got home from work and you had just walked inside the door of the flat you and Harry share, you had taken off your shoes and were hanging up your coat when you felt two strong arms reach around and pull you back. Harry kissed your cheek then spun you around and pushed you up against the wall he took your hand's and pinned them above your head he then came in closer and whispered in your ear "Remember how you thought it would be funny to tease me last night.... Well guess what it's your turn" his hot breath on my neck before he started sucking on my sweet spot soft moans escaped your mouth. Harry let go of your hands letting then drop beside you he kept sucking on your sweet spot then he started to kiss down your chest in till your shirt stopped him, he quickly took the top and threw it somewhere he picked you up bridle style and carried you into the bedroom, he placed you on the bed then removed his shirt and pants leaving him in nothing but his boxers he came back up to your lips and gave them a deep kiss before his plump pink lips started trailing down your body....

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