Windows to the Soul

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Leaving Roslyn behind, Gavriel stealthily made his way back to the castle knowing that his tardiness would surely upset Lord Byron.  He replayed the hours he spent with Roslyn over and over in his mind smiling every now and again at the way she felt when he held her, the way she smelled when the wind picked up at the right moment and blew her sweet scent directly into his nose etching it into his brain. It was almost more than he could bear. 

Seeing the castle not far off, Gavriel was jostled from his thoughts and jogged around the side through the postern and into the main hallway. He breezed through the cold structure counting the various rooms until he reached his destination.  Bringing a fist to the wooden door, he knocked twice.

“Come in,” the voice behind the door bellowed signaling Gavriel’s entrance.

Gavriel pushed through the heavy door and bowed low. “Lord Byron.” 

Gavriel thought to apologize but thought better of it seeing that Lord Byron looked to be in a sour mood.

“Gavriel.” The balding man behind the large desk did not look up as he began their conversation.

“How have you been since last we met?”

“I have been well…And you?” Gavriel hesitantly asked not sure that he really wanted an answer. 

Lord Byron looked up from the parchment on his desk and stared into Gavriel’s eyes intently.

“I have been well young Gavriel.  That is more than I can say for you.”

“I’m not sure I understand,” Gavriel replied squeezing his eyebrows together.

Lord Byron smirked and narrowed his eyes as they bore into the young man in front of him before replying.

“Gavriel, do you know one of the most prominent traits you inherited concerning your…abilities?”

Gavriel thought over the question.  He knew that he had indeed become taller and stronger, more muscular even, and for some reason his hair grew much faster than before but other than that he hadn’t noticed any other change.

“No, sir?” He replied questioningly.

“Your eye color.” Lord Byron stated almost annoyed.

Shaking his head, still without understanding, Gavriel replied, “My eye color?”

“Silly boy. Have you not looked in the mirror lately?  You eyes change color!  They change according to your mood.  At the moment, your eyes are swirling between green and brown. Now, there is no guide as to what feelings you are experiencing at the moment but I must say that something much deeper than you are letting on is occurring in your heart.”

Gavriel blushed thinking about the last time his eye color was mentioned. Roslyn. The lake

“ heart? Don’t you mean my mind?” Gavriel asked still not fully understanding.

Shaking his head while rolling his eyes, Lord Byron responded, “Tsk. Tsk. Someone has not been attentive in his history lessons. I will kindly offer you this bit of information because, even at this moment, your eyes are changing.”

Lord Byron let out a long sigh, “Our ancestors are distinct in that they can use their emotions and turn them into physical strength.  Currently, your eyes are almost completely hazel.  Why they are this color only you would know, since only you know what you are feeling at the moment. You see, your eyes are a reflection of your outward strength. They reveal your passion and your emotion.” He smiled, eyes crinkling at the corners, “Which, for the rest of us, is extremely helpful considering your feelings are very closely guarded.”

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