Genevieve awoke with a headache and found herself lying on a soft bed. She opened her eyes and sat up slowly to look around. She seemed to be in a small lodge and when she looked out the window she realized it was in the middle of nowhere! What had happened last night? She remembered giving herself to Desmond and waking up to find herself alone. After that...

She stood from the bed, still dressed in her nightgown and made her way to the window when she felt someone come up behind her. But this time she was ready. She threw her elbow behind her and felt it connect with someone's face. They cried out in pain as Genevieve turned and gasped at who she had just hit.

"Giovanni?" she said.

"Ah, dang it, Gen," he cried with a hand over his nose. "What did I do to deserve that?"

"What is going on?" she asked him.

"What do you mean? I just rescued you," Giovanni said sounding a little hurt.

"You drugged me and kidnapped me!"

"I knew you wouldn't come willingly when you realized the danger of leaving La Croix," Giovanni said. "But no one saw us and there is no way he is going to find us before we leave."


"I want to take you away from this city and away from that monster that has you trapped here," Giovanni said quickly. "We can leave as soon as you're ready." Genevieve could only stare at him in shock. Her mouth opened slightly trying to think of something to say but nothing came out. "What's wrong? I thought you would be happy," Giovanni added as his smile dropped slightly.

"Giovanni, I want to stay," she told him. "I have to stay."

"Is it because you are worried about what La Croix will do? I promise you he won't harm you. We'll take Crispin and leave here forever, he'll never find us."

"Giovanni, I love him!" Genevieve blurted and flinched when Giovanni's jaw fell open slightly. "I'm not afraid of him hurting me. I'm afraid of never seeing him again."

"You're not serious?" Giovanni said. "Gen, you don't know him, the real him."

"I know he's a good man," Genevieve told him.

"Goodness, Gen, open your eyes! This is why he is called 'The Puppet Master'," Giovanni said firmly. "He plays with your mind, makes you think he's a nice person and makes you believe you are in control. By the time you realize you are just a puppet he has already cut your strings. Then he leaves you like you were nothing to him; just a sad broken little doll!" Genevieve then did the one thing she never thought she would do. She slapped Giovanni. He didn't react at all except to put a hand over his now reddening cheek.

"You know nothing about my husband," Genevieve snapped. "Don't you dare speak ill of him. He has been nothing but kind to me and you."

"Kind? To me?" Giovanni shouted. "He almost had me and everyone else killed, including you!"

"But he spared all of us," Genevieve reminded him.

"He might be gracious in your innocent eyes but I know the truth about him and the truth is that he's a liar."

"He is not a liar, Giovanni."

"Really? Then why hasn't he told you he's the Raven?"

*                      *                      *

"We will find her, sir," Willem assured Desmond. "I have my best men looking for her." Desmond knew it wouldn't be enough. The city was much too large for a small group of men to search in a short period of time. He paced behind his desk, horror making his stomach clench as he thought about the possibility of Claude kidnapping his wife. There was a knock on the door to his study and Desmond turned to find Edgar standing next to Crispin, Genevieve's younger brother.

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