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[Third person pov]

"I'm nervous"-Olivia and Timothée were in front of his parents house door.

"There is nothing to worry about, they'll love you"-He put both of his hands on her cheeks and kissed her forehead but Olivia quickly moved the kiss on his lips and smiled.

"Let's go princess"-He took her hand on knocked on the door.


When they entered the house Timothée's mom had already made beautiful dinner and they were all sitting at the table and enjoying the delicious food.

"So Olivia where you from?"- Timothée's dad broke the silence and used the opportunity to get to know the girl better.

"New York, I mean I used to live in San Francisco"-Olivia explained.

"Oh, that's great"

"May I asked how you two met?"- Timothée's mom smiled at the two.

"I don't know the whole story of your point of view so you tell it"-Timothée chuckled awkwardly and Looked at Olivia.

"I was on Flight to New York and I sat next to this random Guy who was bothering me and making me uncomfortable so I asked to change my seat and the only one left was next to Timothée ..that's it I guess"

"What an lovely accident"


After the dinner Olivia helped Timothée's mom to clean after and wash the dishes.

"Thank you for everything Olivia, you're such a nice young woman! I think you're perfect to my son and I'm happy you found each other"-She smiled at the girl while cleaning the table.

"Thanks"-Olivia smiled back, she Loved Timothée's family but they were new to her so it still kinda awkward to her.

They had some more small conversations but Timothée's mom could see that she was shy so she didn't bother to ask her a lot of questions.

After a while Timothée came into kitchen and hugged Olivia from the back "are you done yet?"

"Yes"-Olivia washed the last dish and dried her hands.

"We will go to my room, we're kinda tired see you at morning"-Timothée hugged his mom and they all said good night.

They were going upstairs "you have your own room here?"

"I mean I used to live in this house too so yes Timothée giggled as he opened the door and let Olivia in.

Olivia looked around the room and she felt very comfortable there "your room is very cozy, I love it"- she smiled.

"Thanks"- he gave her a smile in return and sat down on the bed.

Olivia walked over a shelf and took a photo frame that she spotted.

She smiled at the picture and turned to Timothée. "Is this you?"

"Yeah..it's embarrassing"

"No, not at all you look very adorable"

"No, not at all you look very adorable"

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Sorry ik this chapter sucks but I had to update

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