Twenty Three

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Key groaned as he woke up. He tried to roll over, but his attempt was blocked by another sleeping body that was squashed up next to him. Then he remembered where he was: a luxerious hotel in London with his boyfriend and his snoring best friend.

He looked at the clock that was ticking loudly on the wall - it read '10AM'.

Key yawned, throwing the bedsheets off of himself and rolled himself out of bed. He was aching all over; the single bed was far too small for sharing. Then he noticed Onew, looking even more uncomfortable curled up on the sofa with no bedsheets than Key had just felt. Onew was still sound asleep nonetheless, and didn't look as if he'd be waking up any time soon. Key didn't blame him; they had all had a late and tiring night.

Jonghyun stirred but didn't appear to wake up, so Key tiptoed over to the bathroom, getting himself ready for a shower. He turned the water on, and as he waited for the water to warm up, he checked his face in the mirror. He looked overly stressed, still half asleep, but still he was smiling to himself. He didn't even have a reason for his happiness, but he knew it was sure better than being sad.

He walked back into the bedroom, searching for a towel so that he could begin his shower, to find that Jonghyun was already up and about. He wore only a light t-shirt (that looked a few sizes too large) and jogging bottoms, but he looked far more stylish than Key felt in the dressing gown he had found hanging up in the bathroom.

"Up already?" Key asked, surprised to hear how disappointed he sounded. Though, he had to admit, he was rather looking forward to some peace and quiet. No matter how much he loved Jonghyun, Key needed some alone time every now and again.

"The shower woke me up," Jonghyun said, pointedly looking towards the bathroom where the hot steam was pouring out of the doorway and into the bedroom. Key blushed and apologised. "No worries, it's about time I got up anyway." He gestured towards the clock, and then turned back around to look at Onew. Key could see Jonghyun smiling at the older boy. How Key had managed to fall asleep the night before with Onew's snoring was beyond him.

"Come on, let's go clean up," Jonghyun said, pulling Key back into the bathroom, laughing as he closed the door behind him.

"Jongie, what are you doing? Onew's in the other room... You didn't even lock the door," Key whined while Jonghyun started to undress himself.

"He's not going to wake up any time soon," Jonghyun smirked and hopped in the shower once he was fully undressed, Key following suit soon after, not bothering to argue anymore.

"I can't believe we only have a week here. I love England," Key sighed, enjoying the warm water and Jonghyun's company.

Jonghyun kissed his neck. "But you love me more," he stated and Key rolled his eyes, partially from Jonghyun's obnoxiousness and also from the pleasure.

"Shh, Jonghyun. Of course I love you more," Key whispered, lifting Jonghyun's chin to meet their lips is a soft, loving kiss under the stream of the water.


"Do we have any plans for today?" Taemin asked. He had already been up and dressed for at least thirty minutes - Minho had only just got up for a shower.

He saw Minho shrug from behind the shower curtain. "I don't know!" he yelled over the noise of the shower.

"What about the markets? I hear they sell nice stuff over here."

"Nice stuff is sold everywhere," Minho laughed, switching off the water and grabbing the towel that was hanging on the rack by Taemin. Taemin giggled as he turned around, walking back to the bed and he sat down, waiting patiently for Minho's return.


"Jonghyun? Key?" Onew yelled as he knocked on the bathroom door. He had thought about entering the bathroom without knocking, but decided against it. He doubted they could even hear him yelling over the heavy noise of the shower, but he tried anyway. After a few moments, Onew still hadn't gotten a reply.

"Can I just get my toothbrush-- Yahh!" Onew shrieked as he walked into the bathroom, soon faced with a nude couple kissing under the water.

"Guys, what the hell?!" he shouted, shielding his eyes with his arm. "What?!"

Jonghyun jumped back, almost knocking the shower rack over as he hit the wall while Key stood unmoving, bright red in the face.

"I'm leaving! I'm leaving!" Onew cried, turning around the way he came from, his arm still covering his eyes. Unfortunately, it took a few tries to find the bathroom door, all the while slipping over random items of clothing and whimpering to himself about how 'he couldn't believe it.'

He sat on the couch, shaking. He managed to calm himself down while Jonghyun and Key turned the shower off and quickly got changed. Jonghyun came back into the room first, his hair a mess and his clothes creased - his shirt inside out. Key followed behind, trying to hide himself from Onew's view behind the smaller boy.

"I don't want to talk about it!" Onew said abruptly, blushing furiously, preventing all of Jonghyun's plans of apology from taking place. "I know what's going on - something is always going on!" Onew huffed, standing up with such force that he almost lost balance.

"I'm going to find breakfast," he announced as he walked towards the door. He wanted to wait just for their reaction, but knew that would only ruin his dramatic exit.

"That was traumatising," Onew whispered to himself as he shook his head, only thinking that this was going to be his first experience of England and the only thing he would properly remember.

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