Twenty Five: Reflecting & Decisions

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Chapter Twenty Five : Reflecting & Decisions

It all went so fast . From one moment I was in my bed then the next I'm in a white room that was so bright . I could barely keep my eyes open . I turned around trying to find a door but there were none .

"Hello" I yelled " Anybody "

I was left in silenced . Then in the corner of my eyes I saw a figure in the corner of my eyes . It was a black shadow . I turned around , shading my eyes . I had no idea who it was .

"Who are you ? " I yelled at the moving figure . I became nervous as it said nothing .

" Answer me !! " I yelled at the figure but it still kept quiet . It kept coming closer and closer as my breathing started to go irregular .

Just then the dark figure started to change . It wasn't a dark figure anymore as it continue to come closer . It started to reveal more of itself as it came closer . I widened my eyes not believing this was real .

But then again...what was real anyways.

The figure stopped at its tracks and looked at me dead in the eyes .

" You don't recognise your own boyfriend anymore ?" He said opening his arms wide " Come here you "

I was shocked . I had no idea what to say other than the fact is that my boyfriend...Luke was alive !! And Zayn didn't kill him .

" Don't leave me hanging Ski " He said waving his arms like a floppy fish . My heart fluttered as I heard my nickname . My eyes teared up, missing his voice...missing him. I was so close to him I could even smell his cologne.

"This...can't be real "

" Of course it's real... I'm standing here ! I haven't seen you in forever ! Don't I get a hug " He said pouting as I shook my head , tears slipping from my eyes .

" Baby don't cry...I'm here now . I'll make it go away I promise . just come here .. I'll take you away from him ." He said softly , stretching his hand out towards me . " We'll be together again "

I stared at his hand . I missed him too much and we could finally be together now . He was here and he was alive and breathing . I had to go with him.

I sighed deeply before walking towards him . Luke eyes widened as he smiled widely , wiggling his fingers towards me . Each step I took I relived some of the memories I had with him . It just made me want him more.

Just then I was about to walk but I was stopped abruptly . Something was holding me back .

I turned around and my breath hitched . It was Zayn . His eyes were not brown but bright gold . He was
holding my wrist tightly and his gaze was directly to Luke .

" Let go of me Zayn !" I tugged my wrist, trying to walk away from him but he wouldn't budge. He just held my wrist tighter as I winced . " Zayn !!?"

" I can't let you go with him "

"Are you crazy ?? He's my boyfriend of course I'm gonna go with him !! Let go of me Zayn ! "

" Come on Ski ....I'll take you away from all of this " Luke said but he wasn't looking at me either . He was staring at Zayn in the eye.

" Zayn please ! you need to understand that I don't belong here " I begged .

" Listen to yourself Skylar " His hands were suddenly on my face shaking it , not to hard . I stared at his golden eyes actually seeing his detailed iris . " This is a trap ! If you go with him you're going to die "

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