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   I saw him walking down the street. He looked like the kind of guy me and my friends had been dreaming of, the kind of guy we'd looked for our whole lives. He was tall, dark and mysterious.

   He was perfect. And he was mine for the taking.

   I took the plunge. I walked up to him and flirted. Majorly. We met up casually a few times before arranging an official date.

   As we walked into the screen, I smiled inwardly. We sat in our seats and our knees touched as the lights dimmed. When the curtains opened and the projector started up, his hand rested on mine. I smiled at him and lent towards him slightly.

   After our date, we started to go out. We clicked perfectly. We were like Barbie and Ken.

   Boy, was Ken different to the doll that used to sit on my bedside table when I was six.

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