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FULL QUESTION XD - What do you think is the best part about doing this ask blog for ScarCumberbatch and what is the worst part? Basically I have just said the question again lol

This was requested by @Beeba17

Thanks for your request XD


Sherlock left a message on my profile 

Dear viewers, I do not mind answering questions, however I much prefer cases.

I think that the best part about answering them is publicity, however, I do not want to go worldwide at all. The worst part is I think, just me trying my hardest to think of a good enough answer for people.

Thank you for your questions and I am happy to answer more, just please make sure you leave #AskSherlock on SC's profile. 

Much obliged. 

~ SH


Sorry for the short answer :) Hope you're enjoying this book 

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