I'm Just His Maid

written by: CookieSmasherr// Marjorie R.

Copyright © 2013 by: CookieSmasherr. All Rights Reserved. PLAGIARISM IS A SERIOUS CRIME.

01/22/13 - 07/13/13  

(Edited ang Prologue, 5/26/13)



"Letting go, doesn't mean you're a coward. It means you're brave enough to let go of someone you loved."--Aril Divina

I Aril Divina, Lance dela Cruz' maid. Yes, Lance dela Cruz... The famous student. Well I just  live in his house... he's not my boyfriend, okay? Fake? Yeah, he's my unofficial boyfriend.

He has a plan, so he can get his ex girlfriend back.

That time when he decided to do the plan, I'm sure he was jealous.. Jealousy can make you stupid. 
Yeah, he's stupid. We're just the same... 

We're not lovers or anything related, I'm just his maid.


I'm only 14 years old when I wrote this story, sorry if I failed you guys. HUHUHUHU! Play the trailer video on the side.. --->

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