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Chapter 28

Libby Ashford


                I watched, slightly amused, as Nick eagerly stepped on the gas pedal and took off from where we had previously been stopped at a red light. This morning had been full of surprises starting with the moment I had walked outside and saw Nick’s other choice of transportation. A sleek, shiny silver car was parked in front of my house. I gazed in awe at the darkly tinted windows before running my eyes once more over the rest of the car. After careful evaluation I summarized this vehicle nearly cost more than some people make in a year, however it was exactly ostentatious; it was a subtly expensive.  

                “Nice car.” I finally commented.

                “Thank you.” Nick grinned proudly at the silver machine and gazed at it with admiration. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Boys and their toys…

                “So I assume we aren’t taking my car then.” I nodded towards my newly acquired vehicle and felt a slight urge to drive it. It wasn’t nearly as nice as Nick’s, but it was still something to take pride in.

                “Sorry, no. I had a pack member drop my car off before I remembered that you now had your own car.” Nick shrugged unapologetically and I got the distinct impression that he had done this on purpose so I would ride with him.

                “What about Dustin? Sasha? Lilly? We have a routine you know, we all drive together.” I teased gently, already knowing they wouldn’t mind.

                “They’ll have to live.” Nick murmured as he reached for me and nuzzled his cheek against my own.

                “Enough you two. Please! Sasha and Drake aren’t nearly as bad as you.” Dustin complained as he strolled outside.

                Nick simply grinned and pressed my back against his chest, his arms hanging loosely over my shoulders to twine our fingers together.

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