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Matt was starting to slow down the car when he was sure that the cops aren't following us.

I was shaken up from just seeing that cop die.Ryan was still behind us but kept his distance so he wouldn't be seen.

Matt turned into a lake house.

"Where are we?" I asked

"Shut up!" He yelled at me as he parked the car.

He came down the car and opened my door and grabbed me by my hair.

He pulled me into the house and turned on the lights.It would have been a nice place if only it wasn't my kidnappers lake house!

"Matt please!" I yelled as Matt dragged me up the stairs literally by my hair.

He locked me in a bedroom and left.I looked out the window and noticed Ryan in the bushes.I opened the window and yelled his name.

That was my biggest and most stupid mistake.

Matt walked in and jerked me away from the window by my hair yet again.

"Bitch who are you yelling at!?" He asked me as he slapped me and hit my head against the wooden floor.I swear I heard a crack.

I started to feel dizzy and my nose started bleeding.

"Son of a bitch!" I heard Matt yelled as he looked out the window.

He walked over to me and put the knife to my throat and said,"looks like I have to go kill your boyfriend now" And then he let my throat go and walked out of the room.

I rushed over to the window and saw Ryan and Matt fighting outside on the porch.

I rushed to the door but of course it was locked.I kicked it till the wood started to split.

*10 kicks and one hurtful cramp later*

I finally got to the front door and opened it.I looked out for them but there was no one.

I walked towards the lake and I couldn't help but think I was too late.

I got to the lake and I was abit relieved to see them fighting on the deck.All my worries came flooding back when I saw the knife in Matts hand.

It's impossible to understand how in just 5 seconds your whole world could come crashing down.My whole world came crashing down when a knife connected with Ryan's stomach.

"No!" I screamed and ran over to Ryan's body with Matt hovering over him.

"If you even dare come near him I'll kill you too" Matt said as he walked up to me and kissed me on the lips forcefully. I pushed him away and kicked him in the nuts.He toppled over and I took the opportunity to run as far as I could.I kept running and when I got back to the lake house and heard sirens I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders.

I ran towards the police cars and I broke down and fell to the floor sobbing.

"Brook!" I heard my mum yelled and I looked up and hugged her. I heard a shot go off and turned around to see a dead cop about 10 inches away from me. A couple more shoots went off and the next thing I saw was Matt toppled over with a bullet in his leg.

Then I remembered Ryan.Lord I hope his not dead.

"Mum Ryan his by the lake" I said to my mum as I tugged at her shirt.

"Okay honey lets go get him" She said

We ran to the deck with a couple paramedics.Ryan was there with his eyes closed and I started crying all over again but I need to be strong.

"He has a pulse" One paramedic said and I felt relived.

Within 3 months I managed to fall in love and get pregnant.Its stupid and crazy I know.I also managed to get kidnapped and got rescued by my knight in Jordan's,Ryan does love his Jordan's.

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