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Chapter 1;

Rebecca Cohen's P.O.V

Today has been just another typical day. I got up at five and had my two mile run. Running relaxed me and let me clear my mind. The only thing that sucked about it was I had to run with my annoying disgusting perverted neighbor. Ryan Atwood. God, he disgusted me even though he was attractive and every girl at Richmond High wanted him.

" Cohen!" Ryan yelled after me.

Ryan's voice yelling after me only made me run faster toward my house. Taking a drink of my water I saw Ryan gasping for breath in front of me." Cohen you can run fast" He grabbed the water bottle from me.

Waiting for him to hand it back to me. " I know. Now goodbye Atwood" I grabbed my bottle and ran into the house.

When I walked up to my room, I looked at my calender and realized today was my one year anniversary with my current boyfriend Micheal. I figured I'd dress up for the occasion, it was our one year anniversary. Quickly taking a shower, I blow- dried my hair and grabbed a pair of skinny ripped jeans with a cute pink over the shoulder top. Throwing on my nicest pairs of shoes and grabbing all my daily necessities, I rushed out the door, hoping I'd make it in time for class. 


By the time I parked my car, I checked my phone and I had two missed call's from Starelette (Star) and Damon (Gay Best Friend) and both of them were telling me to skip school with them today. Eh, that's weird,  I thought, but it was too bad I didn't find out earlier because I would have but being the fact that I was already here, there was no going back now. Grabbing my purse I walked inside the school. Everyone was staring, pointing or whispering when they saw me walk by. What could have happened was my first thought? Well, I sure got my question answered once I passed the A hall.  Micheal, my boyfriend, was making out with some brunette girl in front of everyone. Oh, I was so not giving him the satisfaction of seeing me cry I thought. Taking a deep breath I adjusted my backpack planted a fake smile on my face.

" Ahm Ahm!" I coughed and tapped my foot.

They continued making out so I laughed and banged my fist into the locker which made them jump apart. The brunette took one look at me and ran away, possibly in fear or embarrassment, who actually knows. Micheal wiped his mouth, "Bex it's not what it looks like" He attempted to console me with a half smile.

I laughed. " Oh really, so your tongue down her throat is nothing. Of course not, I'm so sorry for misinterpreting that."

" It wasn't working out between us. I was going to break up with you anyway" He said coldly attempting to sound like this was all planned and his decision.

It was pretty obvious he had been cheating throughout most of our relationship from his current behavior. Well, I sure felt as if my heart was legitimately  breaking and it began to hurt to breathe. I felt two people standing beside me. Glancing behind me, I saw it was Damon and Star with disgusted faces and glares directed toward Michael. Looking around the hall, I saw everyone looking at us as if we were there own soap opera, people broke up everyday and yet they were paying such close attention to my break up. Even Ryan Atwood was staring at my next move. This only made my hurt feelings turn into feelings of anger and resentment towards the man I thought was my significant other. 

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