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The next morning Natalie was in the kitchen with Liam and Bella. Both of them were chatting and laughing about something Natalie hadn't really listened, because she was looking at the dark colour of her coffee, wondering if her soul was the same colour. She didn't think she could be more awful after the way she left Mark's room the previous night.

She completely freaked out. For multiple reasons. She had told him that she felt strongly about him too, but she didn't expect the L word to show up like that. So even when Mark tried to tell her that it was okay if she was not ready to say it back, Natalie took off, with no further talking. She just needed to be alone and think. Because the last time a man had told her he loved her, it ended really bad.

"Do you think she can hear us?" Liam wondered, his eyes right on Natalie. Bella was also looking at her sister concerned. "I thought we would have gotten just one reaction out of this, you know?" Liam had just shared his news with them, but hadn't heard a word.

A lot had happened to her for just a night and she needed a while new way of handling things.

"Good morning." Amber said as she entered the kitchen. "Oh, did you tell her that you're staying? And she's trying not to yell?" Amber asked Liam when she saw the look on her mother's face.

"We think, she can't hear us." Bella told her niece. She felt a whole lot better now that her sister knew the truth. She was worried that she was the reason her sister was in that state.

"Wait..." Amber told them before turning her full attention to her mother. "Mom, can I go to a concert with my friends tonight?"

At the sound of the word 'mom' Natalie snapped out of her tray of thoughts. Her mom mode was up in just seconds. Natalie looked at her daughter, dead serious. "A concert at a school night? I don't think so." She got up from her seat with the mug still in her hands.

"Can we discuss my thing now?" Liam called out as Natalie was walking up the stairs, completely ignoring him. "Fine, but don't freak out when you see me in front of you at the hospital." He mumbled.

"She doesn't know you're going to work with her?" Cara questioned as she entered the kitchen. "Liam, it's like you don't know her at all. She needs heads up at least one month before anything happens. She doesn't adapt well to change. Counter to my other daughter who hasn't lived the same day twice in her life."

Bella gave her mother a toothy grin before excusing herself to go talk to Natalie.

"Hey." She knocked on her bedroom's door and slowly opened it in case Natalie needed some privacy. "Are you okay?" She asked and entered the room.

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