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The universe was create by Veldanava but that was a lie, the universe was create by someone else and she give to Veldanava the power to rule this world like a God.

The one that can be called the Void Dragon, creator of everything Rimuru Tempest.

Many years after the birth of Velzard the frost dragon, she went to a deep sleep.

She have Blue silverish hair and yellow eyees, her beautifull sleeping face is so peacefull.

But after millenia she finally wake up.

Only 2 Being know her existence, Velzard and her Brother Veldanava.

Velzard Pov:

I was eating and driking some tea with Guy, when suddently i sense the dragon core of Nee-san, even is a little and she is far away, i can sense her.

'His she awake, do i need to meet or even how she will react when she discover Veldanava death ? She love more her family than anything after all' i thought

I looked at Guy, it's seem like he doesn't know, he is not a true dragon.

Guy : Oy are you okay ?

Velzard : Yes i was thinking about my family

Guy : Eh? Thinking about Veldora, he is sealed at a cave in the Jura Forest right, why don't free him

Velzard : He need some discipline

Yes if nee-san see Veldora childish behavior, will she be mad at me for not educated him ?

No this is not like her

Flash Back Millenia before

Rimuru : Hey Velzard how are you

Velzard : Ah! Hello nee-san i am fine

Rimuru : Hmm ? What happen ?

Velzard : Eto, I was mad and i got angry at Brother

Rimuru : So you've got into a fight but it's not good to fight a family member you know

Velzard: It's his fault to be childish!! Hmpf

Velzard just look away and pout, then Rimuru come closer and start to pat her head

Velzard : Nee-san!!! I am not a child anymore!!!

Rimuru : Ehhh!! So i can't pat your head anymore

She said with a fake tear appear on her face and Velzard started to panicked

Velzard : We-well it's not like i dislike it

Rimuru : Oho so i can't continue

She hugged the crap out of her and wisper in her hear

Rimuru : Velzard you will alway be my cute little sister and your brother will always be my little brother so don't be angry at him.

Velzard blushed and nodded looking at the ground

End Flash Back

I miss you so much Nee-san.

Rimuru Pov :

I wake up from my little sleep and asked Ciel some daily info well i think so ?

Ciel : No master, you just Sleep 14 574 years and you call it a sleep !

Rimuru : Ehhh ! I slept too much, im sorry ciel

Ciel : Hmpf...

Rimuru : So what happens during my hibernation

Ciel : The world evolved and you got some new family member

Hmm, new true dragon then, but i don't sense Veldanava power 'is he strong enought to hide his power of me ?'

Ciel : No master, the individual Veldanava is dead

At that moment my heart broke and my aura leaked out of my body and the void where i was sleeping started to shake.

Ciel : Master calm down, he is dead after having a child and giving his power to her not being killed

And i calmed a little but my brother is dead! 'Damit'

Rimuru : Hm okay! What about the new siblings?

Ciel : You have a new younger sister named Velgrind, a little brother named Veldora and finally the daugther of Veldanava named Milim nava.

Rimuru : That good i guess

After some time to calm done, i start to think about 'Was Veldanava happy when he die, i can ressurect him via the soul corridor but do he want it ? Why i was not here for him?'

As i think Ciel spoke

Ciel : Master don't think it too much

Rimuru : Yes you right thanks Ciel, for now teleport me to Velzard, i want to see how much she grow!

Ciel : Yes !

Ciel was happy, she miss me too, huh i will tease her later after all a pouting Ciel is too cute.

And a niece huh? I look forward our meeting.

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