Chapter Two

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My scars.

My first reaction is to pull my sleeves down. I have been asked these kinds of questions many times before but I was never taken off guard as much as I was this time. I swallow, trying to rid the lump in my throat that had formed. I try to come up with an excuse “I didn’t check the weather this morning...” Hopefully he’d believe it.

“Oh! Why don’t you take you jacket off than?” He persists.

“I don’t feel like it.” I responded quickly, growing defensive.

“Okay…” He slowly nods. “Well we are here! I passed this place on my way from school this morning and thought it looked good!”

I look out the windshield. We are at the best ice cream shop in town, Sprinkles. My stomach quietly growls and I remembered that I haven't eaten all day.

Jesse and I walk in the building to be briefly chilled by the cool air; it's like heaven because I have been wearing long sleeves all day. I tell Jesse I am going to the restroom as he waits in line. I make my way to the back of the shop and walk into the tiny restroom. I pull of my jacket and begin fanning myself. I am extremely overheated and have started sweating despite the cooler temperature in the store. I look in the mirror and examine my face.

A guy like Jesse could do so much better than me? I am only basic, with my light brown hair reaching the middle of my back, brown eyes, there was nothing striking about me. It was rare for me to get much attention, not that I minded.

I pull my jacket back on and walk out, spotting Jesse. He's next in line. He smiles as I walked over to him. I smile back. And it's a genuine smile.

Jesse’s POV:

As Alyssia makes her way over to me I see a guy behind her check her out. Anger surges through me. I feel protective over her although I barely know her. She doesn't even realize the way people look at her. You can see the jealousy in girl’s eyes and the lust in guys’ eyes.

Her long brown hair falls perfectly against her dark tan skin, her deep brown eyes show that she has a story that I am eager to her, she was curvy in all the right places. I see the dimples on her face appear as she smiles at me. She stands next to me and I feel like it is only us in the shop. I feel butterflies in my stomach as I look down to her. I was perplexed. Why am I feeling this way? From the moment I laid eyes on her I knew I had to have her. I got so angry when that kid, Darren or whatever, was talking so rudely about her.

It was this weird instinct to protect her and I've never felt that way with anybody. I knew, no matter what I had to do, she would be mine.

We step up to the counter to tell the employee what we want. His eyes were flickering from Alyssia’s chest to her eyes as she ordered, but mostly staying on her chest. She doesn't even notice. Once she is done, I protectively stand in front of her and order while I give the guy a dirty look. I think he gets the message but Alyssia looks completely confused, her brows furrowed in the cutest way.

I pay for both of our ice-creams and we walk to a table in the corner and sat down.

“Thank you for the ice-cream by the way. This place is the best in town.” She mutters. She is so cute. I've never found shyness attractive but with her it just is.

“It was the least I could do; I kind of made you shove your head into a really hard locker this morning” Which I still feel terrible about…

“Oh yeah! I remember that, thank you for reminding me!” She jokes, I like how she is warming up to me.

“Yeah! It was pretty bad! But I did get a chance to spend the afternoon with a beautiful girl because of it.” Am I really resorting to that pickup line? Damn.

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