A Fair World

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Looking down at my blistered hands. The pain bearable but still painful as if I just got burned by hot water. Inside with the rest of my group I started to hear muttering from a crouched man with closed eyes who was....praying?

"Hey dude." A voice rang out. "Who you think you're praying to, huh? To god?" The man still mumbling prayers. "You think you made it out of there, because of God?" The question coming from 240. 240 sighing, crouched down from her position to the same height as the kneeling man. "The reason you're still breathing and thanking that nice God of yours.....is because of that old man there."

The man continued to pray, ignoring the female's voice. "You should be thanking him, not god." The man opened his eyes, and glared at 240. "You poor lost soul." Aren't we all poor?

"We are here thanks to their blood." The man then started to glare down at everyone while I kept my gaze stoic and aimed towards him. "God made us live. That's why we are here!" "Bullshit....you killed those guys out there." The praying man looked down in shame, as if he were a child being caught red handed for such a vicious act.

He started mumbling prayers faster as if it was a competition. Stupid fool.

"Oh! If we pray we go to heaven, right." 240 clasped her hands together with a 'it's so obvious' tone. "Thats how easy it is! Our god, the creator of heaven.." Her words fading out as I leaned my head back from exhaustion and burning pain on my palms. I let my eyelids fall down.

"Be quiet!" 240's voice immediantly halted before looking over at the owner of the comment. Opening my eyes I stood up straight before looking to my left.

The owner of the voice being saebyeok.

"Me? Or that guy?" "Everyone." The cage shook slightly and clanked loudly around us. How old is this place to make so much noise. The doors opened by the hands of a strawberry before Sang-woo stepped out. Being followed by the rest in a single file line with a triangle mask in front of the line with me all the way in the back.

"What's your name?" 240 who was infront of me asking sae-byeok. "Why do you wanna know." "Oooh so secretive." 240 chuckled lightly. "Listen. Just leave me alone." "Huh...ok then."

On our way to the main area we passed another team who would either have luck or in a way, not have god on their side...

Entering the main room, I was met with greasy dude on his group staring us down. What a nice greeting..i should greet them back. I sent both of my middle fingers their way.

Looking away from the greasy men I strolled towards my bed and plopped myself and layed down. Ahhh finally my bed.


All of the remaining teams sat in their seperate corner, traumatised by the previous events. "I thought we were going to die out there." A voice broke me out of my trance. "And once we leaned back. I felt so powerful!" Crazy lady said waving her corn to demonstrate..How she felt?

"Hey old man, where did you learn that." 001 chuckled lightly with a soft smile. "As a kid, I would always-" "oh, you copied that one thing." 001's smile dropping slowly from his face. "From that movie. What was it called again?" She began to do weird movements as if she was about to cast a spell. "Matrix." A voice answered.

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