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IMPORTANT UPDATE ADDED DOWN BELOW. Be sure NOT to miss it if you want to be part of something bigger than you think. ;)

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~"A crazy sibling - I guess we've all seen one. Roxanne is stuck for the rest of eternity with her truly over-the-head step-sister, adventure's always knocking on her door. But what happens when she gets set up on a blind date and runs into the last person she'd expected?" ~

Hi there! *waves* This is my first story here on Wattpad. I'm new to the community and still learning my way around so I very much appreciate those of you who take the time to read my work.

There are just some things I thought I should let you guys know before you start reading this story:

Length: The story isn't all that long - it's a standard length of a novel. The draft that I'm publishing on here is at about 60,000 words.

Genre/Category/Themes: This is going to be a rom-com - with dashes of family and teenage drama.

I Promise is a story that's already completed offline.This is the first draft, with a revamp of the story being done offline. If any of you reading this story can provide some constructive feedback and critique on the plot and its characters, I will be very grateful. For those of you who are just looking for something fun to read, I can guarantee I Promise will give you that entertainment (if not, feel free to throw some tomatoes at me).

Thanks again! 

Please do vote, comment and share the story with your fellow Watty friends if you like it! All encouragement and support is truly appreciated.

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For those of you already reading this, and the new readers who just started reading, I have some important (and exciting) news for you guys. 

I'm planning on publishing this novel, and not self-publishing again but through a traditional publishing house. But, before I can even start to think about sending off manuscripts to different companies, I need to get the book to a publish-worthy draft. And that's where YOU guys come in.

What you see published here is the first draft of I Promise

I have another, completely different and improved draft offline, involving more sub plots and character building. Its basically the better version of this story. And my plan is to create my own crew of editors, beta readers and fellow artists who will get exclusive access to the second draft, read it, and give me their honest-to-God feedback. Based on that, I'll be forming the third and final draft and then send that off to different publishing companies. 

The people who form part of my crew will get acknowledgements/credits when the book is published (when, not if, because I'm going to see this through) AND each person will get their own free, signed copy. Not to mention all the exclusive content, ideas and interactions we'll have as a team, and the fact that they will be one big reason behind how the book came to be published.

So if you're reading this first draft of the story and you think you like it, even a little bit, consider being part of the crew. You guys can be part of something bigger, not just a reader anymore but the reason behind getting the book actually published. How awesome is that? 

If you're even a tiny bit interested in this: shoot me a private message on here and I'll give you guys more information on how exactly this is going to work. 

I hope you enjoy the journey that I Promise holds in store for you. 
(and this time, I'm not just talking about the first draft)

Don't forget to vote, comment and follow if you like the story! Share it with your friends, especially those who you think might be interested in being part of this project! <3

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