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When Natalie found out that Addison was in the hospital because of her brother, she rushed to be on her side. "I cleared my schedule." She announced at her redhead friend, who was sitting outside of her brother's room, as Derek was examining him. 

"Oh, you didn't have to do that. I'm ... I'm fine." Addison tried to reassure her, but Natalie knew first handed that you need people you love around you.

"Your brother has parasites in his brain. I cleared my schedule." So there was no way she was taking no for an answer. "You cut your hair." Natalie noticed the short haircut Addison had.

"Oh, yeah." Addison confirmed. 

"I like it." Natalie smiled and then looked at the woman that was standing next to Addison. "Uh, Dr. Natalie Turner." She introduced herself.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Addison apologised that she hadn't introduced them to each other earlier. "Um, Natalie, Naomi. Naomi, Natalie. Naomi's our fertility, uh, specialist down at Oceanside wellness and one of my oldest friends." 

"It's nice to meet you, Natalie." Naomi said politely.

"So how is he?" Addison asked the moment Derek stepped out of the room.

"Oh, I don't know. He's groggy, his eyes are open, but I don't think he's awake because he hasn't tried to kill me." Derek said sarcastically. "Her brother hates me." He explained to Natalie.

"People pick sides in a divorce, Derek." Addison defended her brother.

"He picked sides in the marriage." Derek argued and Natalie wondered how Derek could be okay with his old messed up life, but he couldn't be okay with the fact that Mark and Natalie wanted to date each other. "He first seized during sex with his girlfriend." Derek noticed on the chart. "I wonder why she's not here."

"Oh, she is." Naomi spoke up.


"I'm going in there." Addison announced and walked inside, Natalie following her inside, not feeling up to listening to whatever drama was between them. 

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"Oh you're into this too?" Natalie asked when she spotted Mark at the nurse's station. The interns were having  a little contest. And the attendings were the ones who gave them the symptoms to figure out the disease. "I sometimes miss being an intern. Play with me. What are your symptoms?"

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