3 years later

Amzy's pov

Its been 3 freaking year here in texas! Life has changed alot ! I called maa and papa here ! We are now officially citizen of America! They moved with me! I had completed my coarse of professional cooking and now i'm not in the list of models but yeah chefs too ! I bought the house from the company ! I became the super model ! I worked for brown people's magzine as a model and a food critic ! And soonly i'm going to open a restro down to the street or next to khalu's shops! My life is perfected but there's something missing ! Yeah love !

Me and shehry became close friends ! But i never spoke about my feeling towards him ! Some times i saw some love in his eyes but that love is not for me atleast ! I'm still so happy to have him ! Sain went to new york for his studies and i missed him alot! And today is a day he's coming for the vaction !

I stood up from my bed and went to get ready coz me and shehry are going to pick sain from the airport ! I wore my black t shirt with dark blue button up shirt with black jeans ! I blow dried my hair ! Then i quickly rushed out of the house ! Without having breakfast ! I opened the door and saw shehry standing ! I didn't said a single hello to him ! Coz i'm actually not in good mood ! I walked upto my car ! And sat at the driving seat ! He hop on the passenger seat !

He opened his mouth to say something but i cut him off "please don't make any statement that you can't do it! I'm only going with you because you are his brother "

"Look i'm sorry but i was talking with mehwish idk when i dozed off to sleep " he said all innocently !

"Why the hell are you talking with mehwish? God shehry ! How many times do i have to tell you to say away from her ! She's not a person to be trusted " i yelled at him and looked away before he could say something i turned the music so high !
(Mehwish our uni's slut ! And a bitch ! Who always behave goodie goodie infront of boys and she really know how to be bitch with the girls )

We reached the airport i climbed of from the driving seat and shehry came behind me ! And stood there and now we both are waiting for sain !

Flash back

"Shehry its mona's b'day don't forget to wish her ! She always remember your b'day but you never wished her " i texted shehry ! And sat on the bed !

Its 12 ! I called mona and wished her ! She was so happy ! I cut the call and went to sleep ! And next day i woke up by mona's sniffing and crying in my room ! I embraced her in a hug ! She told me "see shehry didn't even wished me like every year and i call him my bestie! "

Flash back over

I saw sain coming out ! I run towards him and jumped on him ! "Ahhhh i missed you man " i said and again he was giving his ear to ear smile ! Then shehry and sain gave botherly hug to each other ! I unlocked the car's trunk ! Shehry put the lugage in it ! I opened the driving seat and start the engine ! Shehry was about to sit with me on the passanger seat when i speak ! "Sain please come at front with me " he nodded and sat with me !

Shehry was about to open the door ! When i looked the whole car ! He tried to open the door ! He signaled me to open the door but i shook me head in a no! His eyes widened and jaw dropped! I smirked and narrated everything to sain ! But after like half hour ! I let him in ! He sat in on the back seat !

I was driving to the house when i asked up to sain " so back after 3 years? Right ? so whats the plan now ? Party sharty ? " he smile and noded his head in a yes !

"Okay so abhi 4 baj rahe hain 6 pe main ati hun ! Waqas ,ati,mona aur sain tm ! Hum sb mil k chalte hain kahen dinner pe ? Aur haan jin ka nam nahi liya main ne wo mehwish k sath ja sakte hain ! " i said and sain chuckle a lil at my statement and shehry gave me death glares !

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