~Part 17~

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Well, Monday came around the corner and I was still trying to wrap my head around what, exactly had happened that weekend. The strange and unknown red haired boy arrived at my doorstep after one interaction at school. I mean, I know him a bit better now. But I think it was a lot that I learned in only a period of 3 days.

I was getting myself ready. Pick out my outfit and I couldn't decide on which shirt to wear.

I looked up at my mirror and saw my vibrant purple hair. Causing me to smile at the view of my hair.

Not to shabby for a boys doings..

Then I looked down at my wrists and then flashes from the night came to me. I pushed away those thoughts and ended up grabbing a plain old shirt and grabbed my huge sweater considering there is snow outside and is s bit cold. Plus no one can see my bandages.
I checked my phone for any messages. None.
I wondered if he is awake. I laughed at myself.
No one else other than Jordan and him would text me. Unless it's threats from those girls.. But other than that.

I grabbed my bag and when to walk out of my room but I noticed a sweater on the chair. It wasn't mine.
It was Michaels.
I picked it up and smiled.
I stuffed it into my bag.


I got to school with everyone looking and staring and whispering. But today I kept my head up. I felt so much different then the Friday previously. For once, I was there the corridors and I smiled.
I reached my locker and I pulled out Michaels sweater in hopes of seeing him before the Bell but we had class next.


I grabbed my history books in my right arm and Michael's sweater in the other arm in hopes of seeing him in my history class.

I walk in and once again everyone is staring at me but it all disappears when I see Michael in the back just watching the birds. I walk over to him and people are watching my still.

"Hey stranger." I said to him, holding his sweater dearly and with a massive smile on my face. He looks at me and then at everyone else.

"Uh.. what do you want?" He said so coldly. It made my heart sink. I look at him and at his bandage on his wrist.
"Um you left your sweater at my place and I was returning it." I insecurely said now from his reaction from being seen in public with me.
"I don't know what you're talking about. That isn't my sweater." He is now making a bit of a scene. I was so confused on what was going on with him.
"Michael? It's me.. Liz.. Lizabeth. Why are yo-" and then he cut me off and he was yelling.
"I don't know who you think I am but I've never talked to you in my life so get lost, freak."
I was so confused and heartbroken. How.. why.. just nothing could form. I started to tear up. I was waiting for him to say sorry or say it's a joke but he seemed genuinely mad. I started to step backwards.
"But Michael.." I said, teary eyed.
He looked at me with disgust and spat at me.
"Fuck off fatso." He smirked. I then tripped on my foot and fell backwards, causing me to fall to the ground.
Everyone started laughing and pointing at me.
What a clutz!
Fatty can't walk!
She wishes someone like that would be her friend.
Look it's crying!

It was my worse nightmare.. it was really happening..
I didn't know what to feel.. I didn't know what to do other than run away.

I ran to the nearest bathroom and locked myself into a bathroom stall and balled my eyes out.

Why did you treat me like that?
Why did I ever think this guy is different?
Why does this always happen to me?

It was hard to think about anything. He was a stalker and he literally stalked me.. why am I getting so upset over him? He is the freak here.. but again.. I did let him in.. I never let anyone in.

What the hell is going on with my life?!

I thought about it for a second.
Am I really worthy of this world? Do I deserve to be here? Alive?

I stopped and just stared at the door.
I really didn't want to die. Honestly. Just who can intake this much abuse? I was just sick of it all.
But I stopped and thought about my parents.. I thought about all the times I tried to join them and how I was unsuccessful.
I thought to myself.
"Mom, dad? I know you guys don't want to see me again Soo soon.. but I think this is my limit.. and if you are watching and guiding me like how I hope you guys are.. please.. please.. help me.. I'm begging you."
I felt myself crying again. Not knowing what to process.. thinking about ways I can leave this horrible world..
"Hey babe? Everything alright in there?" A sudden voice appeared from the stall next to me. I instantly stopped crying. Trying to sound as if I wasn't crying. But something amazing happened.
The girl in the stall next to me had bundled up some tissue and lowered it to my side.
"I'm here if you wanna talk." She spoke with kindness. I smiled, and thought about what I just thought in my head.
"Thank you." I spoke out but not just for the girl, but also for my parents guiding me.

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