~Part 16~

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We ate our food and then we built our snowman.

We were inside watching a movie.

"I love this movie." I said as everyone sat around the tv.

"Not Warm Bodies again!" Jordan whined.
I laughed.
"I actually like this movie too." Michael laughed as he sat on the couch.
I pushed the DVD into the player. then pressed play.

•*. MOVIE .*•

I sat on the floor, against a couch. Jordan on one couch, passed out. Michael was on the couch behind me.

The movie was now over.

"That movie was awesome." I spoke as I stood up.

I looked around to see Jordan sleeping on the couch.. Still. And I looked at Michael who looked like he was about to fall asleep.

"You can take a nap Michael." I laughed as he chuckled.

"Nah." He stood up.
He seemed so much taller than I am but he was maybe a few inches or less, taller than I am.
"Wanna go do your hair again?" He laughed as he stretched.
I pulled at the messy bun I had.
"Yeah thats a good idea."

We walked to the bathroom.

"You are going to need to brush out your hair though." He picked up the dye and sat on the counter.
I brushed out my hair. Which only made it become a huge puff ball.

"You look like a poodle." he laughed as he jumped down from the counter.
"Shut up." I giggled as I pulled down my hair.

"Okay so get into the bath again." he sat down on one of the stools.

I got into the bath and sat there facing the wall as Michael spread the Purple paste all over my hair.

After 2 containers of dye, we were finally done.

"It's going to look awesome." Michael said as he pulled the shower cap over my hair.
I looked at myself in the mirror as we stood up.

Embarrassing as usual.
My cheeks turned a pale pink.

"You are going to look great." he laughed at my blushing.

I walked out of the bathroom to find Jordan eating again.
"Look at you." he said with a food filled mouth.

"Yeah." I blushed at Michaels hand around my waist.

"She looks like a million bucks." Michael said as he looked down at me. Causing me to blush.

"Hey! No flirting now.." Jordan strictly spoke in a laughing matter.

I giggled as I felt Michael's body heat warm up.

I slowly walked away into my room.

"So what now?" Michael exclaimed as he followed.

"I'm just going to organize around here." I laughed as I took a look around. Boxes here. Boxes there. Posters ready to be put on the wall. Clothes hanging out of my dresser. Typical teenage room.
I picked up a box then another. I placed them in my closet next to the other 4 boxes of books and CDs that were placed there.

"Bookworm much?" Michael chuckled as he helped hand me the other boxes of books.

"It isn't just books. Majority of them are CDs I don't really listen to as much as those." I said as I walked over to Michael who was now opening a box.

"Mind if I yander?" He asked as he pointed at my box of CDs.

"Sure." I walked back to the rest of other boxes and stalked them over back with the others.

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