~Part 15~

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"Hey Lizzy." Michael spoke softly. Not trying to look at my wrists.
Jordan sat a stool in front of me and beside me.
Michael sat beside me and Jordan sat in front.
"If you get scared, you can hold my hand." He had a crack in his voice. He looked scared.
He held his hand out and I hesitantly grabbed it.
"Thanks." I barely said.
I felt awkward doing this but at the same time I felt butterflies and knots.
He stood at my wrists.
Terror filled his face. He looked like he just saw a ghost.
This is weird. Today I saw him all cut up and outside. Now he is re paying the favor. I looked at his wrapped up wrists too. Poor Michael..
I felt a sharp pain in my wrist. I turned to see Jordan rubbing a cloth with rubbing alcohol on it.
I squeezed Michael's hand. He took he other hand and grabbed my face and faced him.
He had teary eyes. His eyes looked so shiny and green.
He was staring at me too.
Neither of us looking at what was happening.
"It's going to be okay." he smiled.
Oh his smile gave me chills. Like he only smiled for me. I knew how broken he felt right now. It made me smile also.
"Talk to me." I said without hesitation.
"Like what?" He confusingly asked but smiled at the same time.
"Anything. I just want to hear you talk." his hand fell onto the top of my leg. Sending chills and goose bumps all over. He rubbed circles.
"Well I never go to ask your full name." he chuckled.
"Lizabeth Tilla Coulain" i proudly said.
"Mine is Michael Gordon Clifford. Yours is much prettier." he chuckled.
"Yours suit you more." I laughed.
I felt something sting again in my wrist. I went to look and Michael caught me. He pulled my head to face him again.
"What's your favorite animal?"
He said really fast.
"Dogs." i said. Then I squeezed really hard.
"Ok.. ok breath Liz" Jordan said.
"Yeah breath Lizzy." Michael took a deep breath and so did I.
"In, and out. In and out" he repeated. I couldn't leave his eyes. They were so green and so pure. Just spring grass growing. They are just mesmerizing.
"Ok. Good. Now. Favorite food." he smiled again.
"Chinese. Pizza." i calmly said
"We are having Chinese right after this. What a great reward." He chuckled which made me too.
I felt the pinching again and squeezed again. Making Michael moan.
"Sorry." i apologetically let go of his hand but he grabbed it.
"No. It's okay. Go ahead." He grinned.
He looked up from his hand and at me. Making us interlock. He smiled and making me smile back.
"Now what do you want to do after eating?" Jordan spoke up after a long pause.
I snapped back to reality.
"Oh. Um. How about got outside and build a snow man." I got excited from the thought of that.
"Yeah! That seems like fun!" Michael excitingly said.
"Okay. well we are almost done here just a few more." Jordan happily said.
"Are you okay over there nurse?" I Jokingly asked.
"I'm fine. I'm use to it darling."
He chuckled and then I felt another pinch. I didn't squeeze or yell. I smiled at Michael.
"Why are you so happy Lizzy?" Michael seemed confused.
"That I have such a caring friend like you and a wonderful nurse as a brother like him." I kept my smile large.
"Awe Lizzy. Don't make the nurse cry." Jordan jokingly said as he faked a sniffle.
"Ok ok." I rolled my eyes and looked at Michael who looked really confused.
"What's the matter?" He blinked.
"You called me your friend." he bluntly said.
"Is that a bad thing? Did you want me to call you a stranger?" I laughed. He smiled.
"No its good." His cheeks turned red.
"Awe Micky is blushing. Jordan look Michaels blushing because I called him my friend." I made it sound like I was talking to a baby.
"But he isn't a friend Liz, he is family." I looked at Jordan.
He was smiling. Which made me smile. Which made Michael smile also.
"All done baby girl." I looked down and saw it was wrapped with the same gaze at Michaels.
"Twinsies?" I looked at Michael.
He chuckled.

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