~Part 13~ (Michaels POV)

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I was sitting on the couch.
Thinking to myself.
Look at where I am now.
Sitting on an amazing girls couch because I'm unstable because I just attempt suicide.
The word gave me goose bumps.
Yeah I'm familiar with the word. My family were involved with death. My dads parents together died of overdose. My dad shot himself. My moms mom died of cancer. My moms dad jumped off of the hospital building after my grandma died. My mom and step dad separated and my mom moved away somewhere in Europe and she got into a car accident. my stepdad took the kids and moved to Austrailia. They all just left me here. By myself. With a uncle i didn't know I had.
It's pretty sad but when I'm with Liz, that doesn't bother me anymore. Just her. She is all that is on my mind.
Yeah I just met her. Ever since our little chat in the hallway 2 days ago, I seemed like she was my best friend ever since kids. I don't know. My mind works weirdly.

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted with a yell.
"Liz you ok?"
Then she stopped.
"Um. yea." I heard her cracking voice as if she'd been crying for a while.
As myself, I didn't want her to get upset anymore. I got up and walked to the door. I heard a lock click.
I realized it was her door.
I ran to the door and banged as hard as I could.
"Liz!! Open the door!! Are you okay??" I yelled but she yelled louder.
"So why did you guys leave us. All alone." She yelled. I was confused on what and who she was yelling about.
"Mom!! Dad!!"
She stopped. Then started again.
"Why!!!" She screamed. I heard her whimper and cry. my heart broke to pieces. This girl had been threw a lot today.
I was banging on the door so hard, my knuckles started to bleed.
"I miss you guys too much."
I stopped banging. My eyes started to tear up.
"I love you guys." I heard the front door open.
"Now I'm going to see you again!!"
My heart stopped. The tears dripped down my face.
"Hey y'all!!" Jordan came walking.
"Hello?! Anyone home?"
I ran to him.
"Jordan, Sammi is in your parents room and.." he cut me off and ran to the door as fast as he could.
"LIZABETH!! Hunny... Answer me!" He banged on the door so hard I felt it all the way in the kitchen.
No one answered and all I heard was whimpers and shrikes. He backed up.
"Sorry ma." Then he kicked the door open.
I ran up by his side.
I looked around and didn't see her.
Jordan seemed to know where exactly where she was.
"Lizzy.." I heard a whisper.
I walked over to find Liz curled up next to the bed side. She was rocking back and forth with her eyes closed. She was wearing a hat and holding a book and wearing a really big shirt. That's when I saw her wrists..
"Lizzy.. baby. come here. Jordan's here."
She opened her eyes and looked up at Jordan. Her eyes were blood shot and her face was all red. There was blood all over the book and the shirt. She got up to her knees and went over to Jordan who was kneeling on the floor too.
She got on top of him and hugged him.
"I almost did it. I almost was able to see mom and dad again." she said with her fragile cracking voice.
"I know. Mom and dad know you tried but they made you stop. you are still here. with me." He rocked her.
I can't believe this. She was so happy not even 20 minutes ago. How did this all happen.
I felt so bad. I walked out of the room.
I went to find my stuff. I couldn't stay here. She was too fragile right now. She needed Jordan and only him. Everywhere I go there is either someone dying or trying to kill themselves.
I started tearing up again.
I found a paper and pen on the counter.
Hey pretty girl. sorry I left without notice. I'm sorry you are in so much pain at the moment. I'm sorry I went into their room. I'm sorry for taking up your time today. but if you are still willing me to do your hair, call me up and I'll be here as fast as you say Pebbles. Again sorry. I'm here for you but I need to go.
Bye Lizzy. See ya later."
I was satisfied with the note and I walked out the door. It has stopped snowing but still cold. I looked down at the bottom of the steps and saw my blood. I tried to cover it up but it didn't work. I just kept on walking.
So many things ran threw my head.
Lizzy was fine before she had met me. clearly I made things worse. I was around when all of my family members died off. I'm not watching someone i just met become a memory. maybe I'm a coward for leaving but its whats best for me right now.
She meant a lot to me but I can only take in so much.
Everything seems crazy because I only just met her.
My phone buzzed.
"From: Lizzy!!
Hey this is Jordan. Why did you leave? I got you guys Chinese and you are just going to walk out because you have too much on your mind? Dude, my sister is at a fragile stage right now and she needs family and you are considered family. So you better come back before she finds out you left."
Jordan considered me as family? Wow. I then realized that I needed to get back and cheer her up. I sprinted back to her house. Before I walked I to her door I took a deep breath just like I did the first day I came here. I threw a smile onto my face. then opened the door. Into my new families home.

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