(6) Dec 2, 2019 - Is This Real?, plus 3D, 4D, & 5D

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12/2/19, Monday, (17.5 minutes)

Channeling #6 - with Joshua - Is this Real or Just a Figment of My Imaginations? Plus 3D, 4D & 5D


ME: I want to connect with a light being who has my highest and best interest in delivering this message. I want to know, I want to find out, whether this channeling is more than just repeating things that I already know? I want to know, how can I know that this is something special, that there is information out there that I do not know that can come through this channeling.

JOSHUA: Good day, Alan. You can consider me Joshua. I am Joshua, but with a slightly different energy, specifically here to try to answer your question of how you can know if we are real or not. I think that is really what you are asking. How can you know if we are just a figment of your imagination, right?

ME: Yes, that is correct. That is what I want to know.

JOSHUA: Well, reality -- 3rd Dimensional reality, 4th Dimensional reality, 5th Dimensional reality -- all these realities are, in essence, a figment of your imagination.

So, at one level, the answer is yes, of course. We are all figments of your imagination. However, at other levels, that is not true. For you to see all of us who are communicating with you as simply figments of your imagination, you need to be in a higher state of consciousness than you are. In fact, you need to be in a higher state of consciousness than we are.

And although we use the word "higher", because that is the way it is used in your 3rd Dimensional reality, it is really just "different". We are vibrating at different frequencies. And we have access to different types of frequency to adjust the realities in which we live.

But we are vibrating at a different frequency most of the time than you are in your physical waking reality. In the reality that we live in, that we exist in, we have more flexibility. In fact, we have a lot more flexibility in using our energy and creating the kinds of environments, the kinds of experiences, the kinds of learning experiences, the kinds of bliss experiences that we have. We have a lot more freedom in that than you do.



However, because of that, we also do not have, how should I say, the robust physical experience that you have in your reality. Because to be in the 3rd Dimensional reality, you need to have a very deep commitment to the creations that you have created, that you and all the other beings in this 3rd Dimensional reality have created.

You are so committed to them that it is very difficult for you to change those things that you have created either individually or socially as a group. And that is, of course, the main challenge of the 3rd Dimension: It is learning how to master that type of energy, the type of energy that creates, as we said before, this rich diversity of experiences, of colors, of smells of people, of attitudes, of emotions.

That incredible richness does not really exist in the 4th and 5th Dimensions, at least not nearly as much as it does in the 3rd Dimension. That is because we know that we can intentionally manipulate these things. We have a greater capacity to control these things. It does vary from one individual personality to another, but we all have some capacity to control what you consider physical, experiential, and emotional manifestations.

It is a lot easier on the 4th and 5th Dimensions than it is on the third dimension. But that is what makes all these dimensions of interest.

So back to your question -- I kind of got sidetracked. So, for you to see us as figments of your imagination, you need to be one of us, or actually, one beyond us.

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