Chapter 16

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I woke up REALLY early the next morning. I was going to have to start getting up at 5:00 now so I would be able to get ready for school AND go to Hunter Creek to care for the horses. That's okay, cause usually I don't mind getting up early. When you live on a farm with six horses, sleeping in isn't an option. I got up and quickly put on the outfit I picked out last night: skinny jeans with the legs cuffed, a pearl pink v-neck shirt with a little pocket, and my new white Keds. I didn't put my Keds on yet, instead I would put my zebra patterned rubber boots on. I was also going to wear an old sweatshirt over my shirt.

Once I got into my outfit, I went into my bathroom and brushed my hair, put it in a low ponytail, and brushed my teeth. I ran downstairs and ate my cereal, then met my mom in our Ford King Ranch truck, and we drove off to Hunter Creek.

When we arrived 15 minutes later, we went inside the barn and checked on all of the horses. My mom and I helped feed our horses, and we put them out in the pastures. We decided to try put Cowboy and Cloud together because they seemed to be friends.

When Cowboy and Cloud were together in the pasture, they first sniffed each other, than they galloped around. It looked like they were playing tag! Then they stopped playing, and grazed peacefully next to each other. "Aww, finally Cowboy finally has a true friend," I said. "They are so sweet together," Heather said. I looked at my watch and it was already 8:13! The bus comes to Heather's at around 8:15! "We better go, it's almost 8:15!" I said. We ran off to the end of the driveway, and right as we got there, the bus pulled up, and we got on and took our usual seats.

I realized that I was still in my barn stuff. Oops! At least I have my stuff in my backpack. I took off my sweatshirt, jammed it into my bag, and pulled out my new Keds. I put them on and shoved my boots into my bag with my sweatshirt. My backpack was about heavy and full, but I don't care.

About 20 minutes later, we reached school. We walked inside and went to our lockers. We had to split up for our morning classes unfortunately, but we have the same classes after lunch. I walked into my first class-language arts-and grabbed a warm up worksheet. As I was figuring out whether a sentence was imperative, declarative, interrogative, or exclamatory, Lauren came up and whispered to me, "I have big news," and walked off to her seat. I wonder what it was. Maybe she qualified for a state show! Or maybe she's gonna help train a horse. Once, Lauren was asked by her trainer to help train an off-the-track thoroughbred, and the two of them were able to make him into a wonderful dressage horse! Or, maybe she's getting a horse of her own! That would be sooo cool! I really hope that's her big news!! The bell rang and jerked me out of my thoughts. "Okay class, please take out the novel that we are reading and your chapter notes. I took out the book and my chapter notes. Our teacher walked around to make sure we had everything. Only 1 person didn't do their homework. "Let's begin our lesson," said Mrs. Bentley. With that, I was sucked into another boring lesson.......


I met up with Heather outside the cafeteria before lunch. "Lauren said she has big news," I told Heather. "She told me that too, during math," Heather said. "That's all she told me," she added. "Me too," I said. We walked into the cafeteria and sat down with Lauren and Pam. "Where's Nina?" I asked. "She's sick. I think she has the stomach bug," Pam said. "Oh, that's too bad," I said. "So, Lauren, spill. What "big news" do you have?" Heather asked. "Wwweeellll, I'm going to get my own horse!"she exclaimed. "That's awesome!" I said. "Do you already know which horse you're going to buy?" I asked. "No, but I was thinking about adopting a horse from Century Farms!" Lauren said. "Really? That's great! Did you see on the website which horse you want to see?" I asked. "Well, I've been thinking about Candy Girl a lot. She's athletic, does English, and doesn't know how to jump,"she said. "You want a horse that doesn't know how to jump?"I said. "Yeah, I really want to train my own horse to jump. I think it would be fun,"she said. "Candy Girl doesn't know how to jump, but I know she would be a fast learner," I said. "Awesome! I'm really excited, and I'm looking at all of the rescue shelters,"she said. "You guys have been getting me really interested in riding, and I was able to get my mom to sign me up for a riding camp at Lucky Horseshoe Stables this summer! It's at the end of the year," Pam said. "That's so cool!" Lauren said. For the rest of the lunch period, we talked about horses, shows, and summer camps.


After school, I went to Hunter Creek with Heather. We did our Social Studies homework together, them we changed into riding clothes and went out to ride. Today I was going to try riding Cowboy bareback. We got out Cowboy and Cloud brushed and tacked up in record time. Cowboy was really good about getting the bridle out on, except he lifted his head up way high, or put it way low. I made sure that my helmet was on really tight, just in case I fell off. We lead the horses into the indoor arena, and Heather mounted. Mom was watching me, and told me to go to the mounting block and put some weight on his back. I leaned over on his back, and he didn't even blink. "Okay Mel, gently get on him," Mom said. "Okay," I whispered. I was a bit nervous, but I know I would be safe on Cowboy. We trust each other.

I slowly and carefully lift my leg over his side, and gently sit upon his back. I petted his withers and kept telling him that he's a good boy, a very good boy. "Good Melody, now just sit there for a minute," Mom said. So, I sat on his back for a few minutes, very pleased with myself. I kept on petting him. "Okay, now just softly give a little squeeze with your legs, and tell him to walk. I gathered the reins loosely, and barely touched his sides when he went into a brisk walk. "Easy boy," I murmured to him. I sat a bit deeper, and he understood that I wanted him to go slower. He went into a nice easy walk. We walked around the arena a few times, and then I gently steered him in a teardrop shape, and we headed in the other direction. We walked a few more laps around in the other direction, and then we decided to call it a day. Heather was still riding, but that's okay. I was going to work Missy anyway, so I would tack her up after I put Cowboy away.

I dismounted and gave him a soft pat on the neck. "Good, good boy!" I said. I hugged him, and he leaned into me, knowing he did a good job. I led him back to the cross ties and untracked him, which was just taking off his bridle. I brushed him off and put him back in his stall. "I'll see you later boy," I said. I fed him a berry flavored treat, and then went to go get Missy.


Heather and I went on a trail ride later with Cloud and Missy. It was fun. We also did chores and helped feed. It was already time for me to go, so I said goodbye to all of the horses, and I went inside of Cowboy's stall and gave him a hug. He gave me one back, and I gave him a kiss on the forehead. "I love you," I said. He flapped his lips at me, and I knew if he could talk, he would say,"Love you too!"

When I got into the car, Mom said,"Nice job with Cowboy! He definitely trusts you, and that's good, cause if he can trust one person, he can learn to trust others, too! It's a great start to his first month here." Whoah, it's only been a month?! It feels just like yesterday that I was sneaking outside at night just to get near him. Aahh, good times, good times. "Oh, Mom! Lauren said she's going to get a horse, and she wants to visit Candy Girl!" I said. "I know, her mom called me and we set up a date. She is coming to see her in 2 weeks," Mom said. For the rest of the car ride, we talked about the possibility of Lauren adopting Candy Girl. I could tell that Julie was a little bit sad about the idea, and I felt for her. I was lucky that I still get to see Pepper. I'm going to get to ride him tomorrow! I can't wait!

We got home, and I was ready to go to bed. I showered and hopped in bed. Mo came on my bed and slept next to me the whole night.

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