#4 Twin Obsessions

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Chapter 4:

Devlish blinked down in surprise at the woman he held in his arms, not quite sure if he had heard properly or not. Especially since he was still in shock from the raw desire he had seen reflected in her brown eyes before she had passed out.

"Did you ... " He asked, glancing up at his brother, who was, needless to say, wearing quite the wolfish grin. 

"Yeah, I did." He answered the unfinished question as he kneeled next to Devlish.

Reaching out, he gently tucked a small curl that had escaped from her tight bun behind her ear. His hand trailing down her face lightly, savoring the feel of her silken skin against his finger tips before letting them rest against the side of her neck where he had marked her. To show the world that she was taken. It was the possessive streak in him that had come to the fore. One that he always struggled with and tried to keep hidden under his devil-may-care attitude. 

He knew that it was only going to become harder to control himself around Jesse since she made him feel things that he’s never felt before. Throw into that Devlish's own possessive feelings towards the tiny woman, Nauti knew he was screwed. And he’s only known her a few hours! He couldn't even begin to imagine what would happen if he was to feel deeper for her than the unmistakable lust that he was now feeling.

He and Devlish both froze when she sighed and cuddled deeper into Devlish's embrace but kept her face pressed to Nauti's hand.

Unconsciously wanting contact with both of them.

Devlish's heart did a strange flip inside his chest. That strange feeling of belonging settled in the pit of his stomach like it always did when she was near him, as the scent of her perfume surrounded him and the softness of her curves rested against the hardness of his body.

He couldn't believe she was in his arms.


Though not in the way he had always pictured it, with her obviously being drunk and all, but at this moment he would take anything he could get.

For two years he has been dying to hold her. To take her in his arms and kiss her senseless. To bend her over her desk and take her as hard and fast as he possibly could as the sound of his palm landing on her rounded ass wove in with the sound of their bodies joining. To have her riding him as his brother took her from behind.

Two long fucking years of wanting.

Of needing.

"Soon Dev, soon." Nauti said softly, obviously having felt the frustration building up inside his brother again.

A door banging loudly against a wall had them both looking up.

Two women came rushing out of the shop Jesse had come from moments earlier. Tripping over each other in their rush to get outside and nearly dropping the large load of shopping bags they were carrying in the process.

"Jesse! Je - What the - " The shorter one of the two started in surprise, her mouth dropping slightly, when she saw Jesse lying in his arms, obviously passed out, in the middle of the semi-busy sidewalk.

"Mr. Monroe?" The other one said as she stepped out from behind her friend.

Devlish recognized her as one of the girls from the office. The one he always seemed to find around his little sexy secretary but for the life of him however he couldn’t remember her name.

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