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Sherlock joined the chatroom 

Watson joined the chatroom 

Watson- I just cannot believe that you have pretended to go out with Janine, just to break into Magnussen's office. It's disgraceful... Oh no... That's something you would have said!

Sherlock- You shouldn't be interfering with my love life.

Watson- You always do it with mine. So it's my turn. Have you ever even kissed a woman before?!

Sherlock- Not really. But my first ever kiss is in fact Molly. Well to be honest it wasn't a full kiss. Just one on the cheek. Just to.... *clears throat* apologies. Anyway...

Watson- You should be much nicer to that girl, you know. After everything she has done for you... What are you doing now?

Sherlock- Janine came up to the hospital, I am just waiting for Magnussen now. Eating some food. 

Watson- So NOW you eat?

Sherlock- Yes, John. Problem?

Watson- Not really... Right i've got to go. 

Sherlock- My mother's invited you and Mary for Christmas dinner.... 

Watson- Well, I will be over. Call Mary if you want her. See you. 

Watson has left the chatroom 

Sherlock has left the chatroom 


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