Second Rate Herione.

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"Oh son of a Dumpling." I hissed, I sat up and grabbed my head in pain.

"It's okay. I'm here now." Kyoko looked up to see Sasuke and Kakashi smiling down at her, an annoyed Tsunade at the other end of the room; Shizune had a small smile on her lips as she poored what looked like Tea in a cup for Tsunade.

"Nani? What happened?" I asked.

"You beat Tsunade during practise." Sasuke smiled, he came near my face. "I missed you." He kissed my forhead.

"I've only been gone a week." I giggled as he nustled my neck.

"A week to long." He smiled as he kissed around my jaw as I blushed.

"Sasuke, not in front of my dad and Lady Tsunade.'' I heald in a small moan.

"Let them watch." He smirked at my deeping blush. A total fake cough brought us back to reality. To say the least Tsunade was filming, Shizune was blushing, and dad was was angry.

"So.. what's going on?" I put some space between Sasuke and I, Sasuke pulled me back into his chest, his arm around my waist. -.-

"Well, it would seem that I finally managed to get Ill to come out and use force." Tsunade said with a smug grin.

"I don't remember." I told her.

"Who cares! We whooped Tsunade's ass!" Ill came out, stretching the word ass.

"It seems you've already forgotten the reason we came out." El came out to, giving an annoyed glance towards Ill, then giving us her award winning smile.

"Whatever." Ill rolled her eyes at El.

"Kyoko, during that little Transformation with Ill, we realized you developed another power!! Bwahah! I'm awesome!" El game a lop-sided smile.

"PFFT! As if! It was my Transformation that gave her the new powers! Kyoko still hasn't even transformed with you!!" Ill laughed.

"Kyoko!! Why won't you Transform with me!?" El sobbed.

"I don't even not how to Transform on command, it was a totall accident that I did. And what kind of new power?" I asked.

"Well, now that you say it's a total awesome power!!!" El came back up from her sob fest.

"That was quick." Tsunade muttered, while eyeing El.

"It's super cliche." Ill rolled her eyes at El.

"I don't see Bella having the power to see the future!!" El yelled.

"But Alice does!!" That was a punch to the heart. T^T

"So.. your saying... I'm a second rate Herione!?" I sobbed dramatically.

"Yes." Ill said while El said, "No."

"Who cares if you are, you can see the future!" Okay that was was a gun shot to the heart. T^T Why Shizune, why?

"So I am a second rate Herione.." I sat in my emo corner.

"Your the best Second rate Herione I've ever seen!" Sasuke heald my hand. Okay, I'm dead.

"Ahh! Her souls leaving her body! Catch it!" Dad yelled as they all pranced around in chibi form trying to catch my soul from floating away.

"That's what ya get if you call Kyoko a second rate herione." Ill smirked.

"You called her one too." El narrowed her eyes.

"Yeah, but I can because I'm a Mother to the Fucking Unicorn."