Sierra Black: A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction

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I ran down stairs quickly with my wand up, still in my pajamas, the moon light shining the through the kitchen windows, and I ran for the door to wrench it open. Lightning flashed across the sky as water pounded my ears, I was already soaked in the first five seconds, I searched everywhere. My parents were no where to be found, then two men in cloaks appeared and took me by the arms hardly, causing bruises and we disappeared in the thundering rain, and all I found was darkness.

* * *

I woke up sitting at a table, everywhere was caged and I was inside in a room with just a candle flickering. I sighed and shivered, we were inside, not a peep of rain or lightning, but I had shorts and a tank top on, with my hair in a pony tail, well… in a wet pony tail anyways. I shivered once more when I heard a bang, I flashed up my eyes up to see the two men who brought me in, with them, was the minister of magic. He sat down on the seat across from me, I noticed my wand was gone; and the two men stayed standing pointing their wands at me. I felt really confused, where was I and why am I here? Then the minister spoke, he had reading glasses, a quill with a scroll on the table, and he looked up at me.

“So,” he muttered as if he had better things to do “We have a reporting of two missing wizards, known as your adoptive parents, am I correct?”

I nodded but slightly confused “Yes, but no, I am not adopted.”

He shook his head “Well, in these reports, it clearly states you're adopted.”

“That has to be wrong,” I stated “I would have known if I was adopted.”

He sighed “Well, let’s just leave it at our own opinions and get on with it.”

“On with what?”

“The interrogation of course, what else do you think we were doing?” he asked completely annoyed.

I sighed much stressed “Ok, ok, but tell me, why did you bring me here to question me? I mean, I am only thirteen, what harm could I do?”

He gave a hearty laugh and stared at me with a grin on his face. “Well, your parents go missing, you have your wand, clearly not afraid to do magic during the winter in the school year, and don’t forget who your biological father is.”

“And who is that?” I stated madly, I was not adopted! My parents would have told me.

“Well,” he said “Just two hours ago, at midnight, a very dangerous wizard escaped Azkaban, his name is Sirius Black, as you may have heard, killed thirteen people with one spell. We have no idea how it happened and all our wizards are on lookout. The reason why we dragged you here, is because not even two hours ago, your adoptive parents went missing. So, that’s the best clue we have into his escape, so what would you like to say?”

I was in clear shock, “I- I don’t know what to say, and again. What on earth does this have to do with me?” I almost screamed.

He sighed and rubbed his nose between his eyes, he finally looked up “Because, your dad is Sirius Black.”


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