Stick to the Team Part 3

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Walking to the rope the old mans voice rang out in my head. "Listen closely, and I'll tell you how my team and I were able to win. Even when it seemed impossible."

Walking towards the rope we all crouched down where cuffs were revealed to keep us in place. The guards closing the cuffs shut around my wrists.

"First off, having a good leader is very important. The person at the front keeps an eye on how the other team is performing. The rest of the team follows their lead. If the leader seems weak than we already lost." That role was given to Gi-hun.

"And at the end of the rope you need to have someone strong and depentable like an anchor of a ship." That role being given to Ali. The entire team raising the rope, gripping harshly, ready to begin.

"The rest is how you arrange the players. If one is on the right, the next has to be on the left. You continue that until there is no one left. Both feet should be facing straight foward."

Everyone adjusting to feet into a straight line.

"You should hold the rope in your armpits that way everyone can pull with all of their strength."

The flag in the air, ready for the gunshot, to signal the game may begin.

"And the most important, in the first ten seconds of the game, "A gunshot rang out. ", you should be leaning back, practically lying down until you can see the groin of the person behind you."

Leaning back with everyone else until I was almost fully leaning back.

"The other teams rhythm will break, and when you see it, you take that chance."


Everyone immediantly beggining to
pull harder and harder even letting out
yells and grunts. While the only thing
I did was clench my jaw, hoping that
this tactic will work. Jumping back and pulling enough that the rope began to lead our way while to other team got closer to the edge.

The other team merely inches away from the edge began to pull harder and harder. The flag began to go farther until went to their side as they got away from the edge.

They got farther while we got closer.

Their side began to win making us take step closer to the edge. "DO SOMETHING!" The crazy woman yelled as I clenched my eyes tightly out of fear. "LISTEN! WHEN I SIGNAL WE WILL TAKE 3 STEPS FOWARDS." Sang-woo yelled. "Are you crazy?! There's no way I'll do that!" "We might as well try!" Yelled Gi-hun at the woman.

"On the count of three! One! Two! Three!" Stumbling foward everyone let out screams of panick and fear. The other team being thrown off balance making them fall onto the pavement. Gi-hun practically off the edge with one foot hanging and one foot clinging onto the floor.

"PULL NOW!" Everyone and myself snapping back into reality from our almost near death experience began to pull. Our pull dragging Gi-hun back into the platform and dragging the other team who still haven't recovered from the fall.

Closer and closer they got. Until the finally fell..

The rope not being cut, the weight dragging us making us closer to the edge. Yelling in panick until the guillotine fell now harshly, making the other team fall to their death while we fell down due to the unexpected release of weight.

Everyone gulping in deep breaths in everyone laying on the ground and on each others legs.

We did it...

We won

Word count: 600

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