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"okay sorry we misjudged it wont happen again please dont say anything to drake and dont leave we just got here", I said basically begging her

"fine dont bring it up again", she said walking back to the group she sat under drake and he put his arm around her and looked at me and smirked he knew I looked at craig frowned we sat down and they started playing pretty girl twerk (that's my favorite twerk song) I stood up and took chres's hand and we walked to the dance floor all the hoes were asking chres to dance but he was with me I stood infront of him and started dancing on him he groaned and I worked harder when the song was over I turned around to see drake with a gun pointed at chres's side I became all types if scared

"drake think about what you're doing", I said walking up to him

"what did you tell her", he said squeezing chres harder

"I just said that we wanted her to come home and we miss her and I dont think your good enough for her", I said lieing he looked at me for a second and then let him go and walked to tiara I looked at chres and ran to her he grabbed her and I looked at her and she would never make eye contact with me I looked at craig and he knew we had to train them

"training starts tomorrow", I said and walked out to my car I was mad as hell I pulled in my driveway and drake was at my door I didn't want to get out he couldn't know I could fight thats my weapon I got out and walked to him

"what", I snapped at him

"I know you lied I know you told her about julia listen bitch dont ruin this and I told you what would happen if you said something now open the damn door and please me or ill blow your brains out", he said grabbing my neck somebody pulled up at my house and he squeezed harder and said" another time bitch", while running to his car and driving off I was trying to catch my breath

"baby are you okay", chres said hugging me I nodded yeah and we all walked in I stood by Craig and said

"okay me and craig have to train yall teach you how to slow bullets down with you mind and dodge them and how to shoot a gun properly", I said all in one breath

"why caint you and craig do it", ray said

"we could but were gonna be out numbered", I said looking at him I herd that voice again

"no theres no time for that you and craig need to get ready they're coming",she said I looked at craig and he herd it to

"never mind we got it", I said walking out I walked downstairs and went into the room where we pratice and train I put my hair up and changed into some shorts and a shirt and grabbed a gun I herd the door close and aimed it at them it was just the guys and kara I smiled and craig got ready and he sat up and obstacle I had to shoot the target but he put a fake person infront of it I calmed down and concentrated I aimed my gun and shot it and changed the direction of the bullet with my mind I hit right in the center of the target I smiled and he did it right to we moved on the where we had to shoot each other but we had to doge the bullets we were so far doing good I thought I herd a car door close so I lost focous and almost got shot everybody screamed including me I laughed and craig picked up another gun and started shooting at me I didnt get hit once all the lights went off not again and doors were slamming the emergency lights came on in here and I ran and closed the door and locked it all the guys ran to me and I put them in a safe

"stay here do not make a sound until I come get you do you understand", I looked at each one of them chres kissed me and I smiled and closed it and locked it I put two juns around my waist and two on my ankles and one in my hand and craig looked at me and I nodded and somebody threw some smoke under the door and I went off I fell to the ground and the door busted open and I could see drake standing infront of his gang he threw tiara down the steps with tape on her mouth and he arms tied I ran to try an help her but somebody knocked me down it was her

"haha got ya bitch", she said getting up off me I was so surprised I looked at craig and he had the same expression on his face

"tiara what are you doing", I asked backing up from her she bent down and took all my weapons

"see ive changed and changed alot as soon as you told me I had to come home because he was beating me I knew what I had to do the whole surprise coming home thing was my idea it worked really well im a great actor but now im gonna finish you like drake should have done a few years ago",she said while pointing the gun in my face

I closed my eyes and herd a scream I opened my eyes and craig was throwing a gun my way I cought it and got up everybody was dead except drake and tiara we searched the whole house there was no sign of them their car was gone I looked at craig and walked back downstairs and opened the safe everybody was there I helped them out and chres hugged me we walked upstairs a d cleaned up before my dad got home we finished right before he got here

" princesssss im home", my dad yelled while walking in with bags full of groceries I got up to help him

" how was your day dad", I said while leaning on the counter

"good long put everything away and ill start cooking in a minute are your friends eating and your mom and.....step mom are coming over later so if chresanto stays tell him to be nice", he said walking out

"got it sir just for you", I herd chres say to my dad I herd the door close to his room

"are you guys eating here",I said sitting on chres's lap

"you know it", ray said laughing

"iight", I said I turned on the tv "come on", I said taking his hand we got up

"where yall going", kara said laughing

"my room", I said smirking she nodded and

"gone girl get you some", she yelled while we were walking up the steps I opened the door and sat on the bed and kicked my shoes off and layed down he was just standing at the door

"close the door and you can get comfortable I dont bite", I said laughing he left the door open and turned off the light and took his shoes on and got under the covers with me I put my head on his chest

"you know I love you right", he said playing in my hair

"yeah I do", I said sitting up "what did you do", while looking at him

"nothing I just want you to know that", he said taking my hand and playing with it

"can you be nice tonight chres for me", I said while taking his attention off my hands

"I guess I will but what am I gonna get in return", he said while rubbing my leg this kid is to nasty I leaned in to kiss him I did and he put me on top of him I kissed his neck and back to his lips I pulled away"you trying to get me started", he said while grabbing my ass I smiled and got off him and layed on my back and looked at my ceeling I had this big picture of me and chres where I was on his shoulders and we were on the beach

"I remember that day like it was yesterday that was the best day of my life", he said pointing to the picture

"mine to I always think about it", I said while resting my head on he knuckles we stared at each other for a minute then we herd a loud slam we jumped up and ran downstairs

"whats wrong with yall", ray said laughing I calmed down and chres wiped his face

"why so much noise", I said looking at them

"your mom came in mad and she slammed the door", kara said I didnt care we sat down

"hey roc", his aunt said

"dont call me that and hey", he said pulling out his phone

" dinners ready", my dad yelled to us we all sat down and ate when my mom stood up and said


Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo heyy guys good chapter I dont think so but how will two gay wemon have a baby stay tuned luv yas

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