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I looked in the full length mirror again and smiled I had on a figure hugging dress with a crossing over chiffon design to the front and back it was open at the bust but not to much it had a bejewelled embellishment at the collar and fastening in the neck and some black pumps

"girl who you looking good for nigga", kara said busting through my door she had on a pleated halter v-neck at the front and elastic in the back it had a silver belt around the stomach with black pumps

"shidd who you looking good for" I said laughing she sprayed some of my perfume on and I unwrapped my hair and the curls were still in there at the top I sprayed some different perfume and we walked downstairs all the boys eyes widened I instantly got that voice in my head

"go see craig he needs you meet them at the club go now maya before its too late". then it went away I grabbed my keys and shouted

"ill meet you guys at the club", I said running out I got in my car and drove to craig's house the door was open glass was on the floor and the group picture was shatterd I walked quietly up the stairs and twisted his room door I opened it he wasn't in there I went to the bathroom and it was locked I saw his figure in the door I herd a cap open was he finna try an kill himself I started beating on the door

"craig please put the pills down I really dont need you to kill yourself I need you we have to help tiara", I said he opened the door

"help her how and im sorry for choking you", he said sitting on his bed" where are you about to go", he said looking me up and down

"okay if I tell you you have to promise me not to say anything until we talk to tiara", I said sitting besides him

"I promise but talk to her fast",he said laughing this wasn't a laughing matter right now

"okay her boyfriend drake used to date my bestfriend but he killed her and saw me he tried to kill me but somebody came and he said if I ever said anything he would kill me and I hope he's not beating tiara", I said shedding at tear I looked at him and his eyes were pitch black

"craig please dont do anything stupid right now this dude is in the top notch gang and has gangs below him that work for him so we caint do anything yet thats why I said let us talk to tiara", I said trying to calm him down he looked in my eyes and then my dress

"where you going", he asked trying bto be protective

"were all going to the club come on vet dressed and we'll leave", I said walking out in about 20 minutes later craig walked down in a polo shirt and some jeans and some converse I smiled and we walked out when we pulled up to the club the line was wrapped around the building but I knew a back way to get in we found the group sitting in the vip section we walked over there and all the guys got up

"maya what the hell is he doing here", chres said walking to me

"baby chill were good",I said patting his chest he kissed me and we sat down I looked at tiara she barely had on any cloths she looked like she was a stripper I looked at kara and she nodded

"tiara can we talk", I said standing up I looked at craig and nodded and kara followed and we walked to the side " okay I know this is gonna sound bad but drake killed somebody", I said she just looked at me crazy"okay let me explain he used to date my bestfriend and he killed her and tried to kill me if I said something so I didn't now I want to because I think he's hurting you and I dont want you to end up in his backyard tiara because I love you", I waited for her response

"I really think its pathetic that you would think I would stay with someone who was beating me and he hasn't killed anybody he's the sweetest thing you could ever ask for and I couldn't want more but this conversation is over with im done im going back home", she said walking off we ran infront of her

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