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I woke up an hour ago, the sun shine woke me up. Burned my eyes wide open. So now I was laying against the wall, on my laptop, connecting the wireless Internet. Then I surfed the Internet. 

I cautiously watched Damian sleeping. He was hugging his pillow, if only that pillow was me. Oh wait! No stop it Jamie! I will slap you if you continue to think like this! Wait you will slap yourself? YES I WILL SLAP MYSELF!

I muttered to myself angrily at my stupid conscious mind. I started watching videos on Youtube until Damian shifted from his position. He was now laying upwards, his chest all revealed to my innocent eyes.

Under the light, his pale magnificent body looked so perfect and spotless. Why was I staring? Curse the hormones of a 17 year old. I think I drooled but that could have been my imagination. My body shivered as my eyes went lower than his chest.

"Stop staring at me." Damian weakly muttered under his breath.

"Oh, uh, I'm sorry." I turned back to my laptop. I was too distracted by his body that I forgot to make sure he wasn't awake. Dammit!

He groaned as he forced himself up and stretched. He scratched the back of his head, his eyes weary with lack of sleep. Dark circles under his eyes showed that he barely slept at all. Which brought up my curiosity.

"Are you okay?" I asked him, patiently waiting for him to answer. He took his time.

"I'm fine." He disappeared into the bathroom and a few minutes later I heard the shower go on. Oh great.

Was he doing this on purpose or something? Cause he didn't even bring clothes in with him, so he would either have to walk out naked or I'd have to bring him his stuff. Either way I'd be seeing something unless he covers up.

My attention went back to the screen and I laughed at the new Shane Dawson video. Oh Paris Hilton, you crack me up. That's hot.

The bathroom door opened and I quickly covered my eyes, I could feel the steam of the hot water just floating through the opened door.

"Why are you covering your eyes?" Damian said, I peeked and he was wet but wearing clothes. He had a towel on his shoulder.

"Oh, nothing." 

Everything was quiet except for the laptop that was now warming up on my lap. And the voice of Shane Dawson's Paris impersonation. Even though I had my eyes on the video, I could see Damian watching me from the corner of my eyes.

I was ready to snap him again but then he spoke.

"I was forced to come here."

I looked up at him, he didn't have that mean look like he did before. And finally after a full day I got to really look at him. Not like looking at him through the outside of a car that's going at 60 miles per hour. Or close. Not like looking at him in the dark of a forest. And I was right, he was very beautiful.

"Why were you forced to come here?" I set my laptop aside, this was more important.

"Because I moved to Idaho with my cousin after my parents kicked me out." He dried his hair with the towel and he flipped it violently. Making his hair messy all over the place. And not to mention my face was now wet.

"Why did they kick you out?" I wiped away the water from my face with my pillow.

"That's none of your business." He looked mad now, I didn't even do anything! Does he have a bad temper or something?

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