Chapter 13

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Matts Pov

I decided that we are going to this little lake area by my house that no one knows about. But I'm not going to tell her, she will see when we get there.

I park the car and run out to open the door for her. "Thank you" she blushed. God she is so cute. "No problem" I said as casual as possible. We started walking and the lake came into view. "Matt its so pretty here" she mumbled as she gazed the beautiful scenery around us. "I know, let's sit over here and learn a little about each other" I suggested. "Sounds good to me" she said in her cute little southern accent.

"So tell me about yourself." "Well, my full name is Abigail Elizabeth Murrey and I'm sixteen years old. I was born June 28th and I love the color purple. Ummm, I recently moved from Texas to Virginia due to my parents divorce and I live with my mom. She always leaves on business trips but, I mean you get over it after time. My best friend is Gracie, and I absolutely hate Lexi. And that's about it." She said with a concentrated look on her face. "Your turn" she quickly added. "Okay, my full name is Mathew Lee Espinosa and I am 17 years old. My favorite color is blue and my favorite candy is sour patch kids. I lived here in Virginia my whole life, and I have a wonderful dog named Burnie. About a year ago I started making vines and I guess I got pretty popular. So I got added to a tour called magcon with a bunch of really cool guys. That's about it." I finished.

"Your life seems so perfect" she said with her eyes full of amazement and sorrow. "Not exactly, but hey, don't look so sad. How about 20 questions, yeah?" She nodded in agreement and said that I go first. "Biggest regret?" I asked. "Not knowing you sooner" she said with a big smile. Cheesy questions like this went on for at least a half hour. Then it got juicy. Get it together Matt, you just said 'it got juicy' ugh whatever.

"Do to have a crush?" I asked her. "Uh yeah, it's this kid Mark Carey." She said shyly. "The one my, well I guess our, seventh period?" I wondered. "Yeah, that's him." She answered. "What about you?" She added. "Yeah, I have a crush. It's this beautiful girl, but she doesn't know it" I stated. "Can I meet her?" She questioned. "One day, of course you can." I said very carefully. "Your turn" she urged. After a long consideration, I asked the most personal question that there is. "Are you a virgin?" I said quietly looking at my feet. I was afraid she wasn't and I would be the only kid in the school who hasn't had sex. "Matt.... She may call me a slut but I promise I'm not like that. And yes, I'm a virgin." She said and blushed and covered her cheeks in embarrassment. "Hey, hey, look at me" I said. She looked up and I looked into her eyes. "I'm a virgin too, you're not alone here Abby." I said so quietly that you could barely here it, but she did.

"I'll drop you off at the school to get your car." I said facing her as she was almost asleep in the passenger seat. "I know it's only Monday but I'm tired, could you take me home? I'll just penny board tomorrow and take my car home after school" she said. "Anything for you" I said right back. "What's the address" I questioned. She put it into the GPS and I started driving. When we reached her house I realized she only lives 3 houses away from me. I quickly shake her awake. "Abby, you're home" I said quietly. She jolted up so fast that I almost fell out of my seat. "Oh thanks Matt." "No problem. And Abby, I live three doors down, isn't that cool! Well I better get going, we were at the lake all day. I'll see you at school tomorrow." I said. "That's so cool Matt! We're neighbors! Well it was so nice meeting you. " she said. "It was nice meeting you too abby" I said. We hugged and then I drove three doors down to my house and fell asleep right away.

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