Chapter 9: Only You

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                                         Chapter 9: Only You

The next morning I woke up as I turned to face him to see his gorgeous brown eyes. But I was left surprised when I all I felt where the covers of my bed to find a red rose with a note attached to it.  It read:

  Morning Love, you looked to beautiful to wake up so early in the morning. I have a surprise for you babe just follow the red petals once you wake up. ;) I love you. xxx  Yours, truly,Liam

            I held both red rose and the note towards me as I took in the amazing scent of the rose .I quickly jumped off my bed taking all the covers immediately off of me.  My knit sweater fell to my mid thigh as I rose from bed.  I wrapped my hair in a messy bun, since I was on my way to scavenger hunt. I took both the rose with the note in my hand as I followed the smooth red rose petals that were scattered throughout my shiny hardwood floor.  I found another note in front of me as I bent down for it; it read your getting closer, Babe keep following xxx ;) and so on until I went down the stairs and opened the door to my kitchen. There standing in front of the window sill looking out of it as the early morning light skimmed through I saw him looking like an angel. He was standing shirtless revealing his muscular toned muscles as he wore nothing but light grey sweatpants on. He didn’t notice when I opened the door, until he heard my footsteps getting a little closer to him.

“Goodmorning Babe” I said to him as I wrapped my petite hands through his waist touching his toned abs while softly kissing the back of his spine. I felt him turn around quickly to face me.

 “Morning Love. Oh I wanted to surprise you I didn’t hear you come in.” his face frowned a little bit.  As he wrapped his arms around me and our lips met for a kiss before he showed me the way to my dining table.

“I made you breakfast. I may not be the best chef in the world but I tried so I hope you like it. If not I can take you out for something else if you prefer?” he blushed at his own words while he smiled making his brown eyes disappear. I sat down on the chair as he pulled it out for me and tucked me in. In front me there was a beautiful presentation of a breakfast with a ham and cheese omelet with strips of bacon and a glass of orange juice, next to it a vase full of red roses which seemed like a dozen.

“Wow this is amazing, you didn’t have to do all of this. You went all out didn’t you?” I said amazed and a rhetorical question.  I tasted a piece of the omelet which tasted ridiculously great he was a better cook than I was. I thought it was funny how he was waiting for me to try everything as his facial expression looked like one of a little kid waiting impatiently for my reaction.

“So?” he asked as he crinkled his nose.

“I can’t believe you can cook so well this is by far the best breakfast ever! It tastes so so so good.” as I let out a smile. He looked so relief, you could hear a sigh as he smiled back and got a little closer towards me.

“But it will never taste so so so good as you!” as I pointed towards him with my finger signaling to come over a little closer more. Until our nose touched and our lips met, my fingers running through his hair and his hands up and down my waist. Then he softly whispered “ This all for you and only you. Because when everything is wrong, you make them right. I love you forever and ever and ever”.  

“And ever?” I said as I laughed softly as cheeks blushed all of types of reds. He looked at my eyes and said “and ever!” smooching our lips together.

THE END <3 ;)

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