Chapter 12

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/ Matts Pov /

It's finally Monday! I cannot wait to meet Abby. I'm going to surprise her though, it's going to be great.

Abby's pov ...

It's Monday which means I have to actually try to look decent today. I go to my walk in closet and try to decide what to wear. I finally choose a pink skater skirt, a white blouse, and some white vans. I was so ready for school which is very unusual. Then I go to my bathroom to straighten my long brown locks. As I'm doing the finishing touches to my makeup, my phone beeped.

Matt// Abby. I'm so so so so so sorry. Something happened and I have to fly back to Cali. I won't see you for 2 weeks.

As soon as I read that my heart Literally drops. But I can't let him know how upset I am.

Abby// as upset as I am, I understand. You're a busy boy Matt. You gotta do what you gotta do. xxx

Matt// thank you Abby. I thought you would be mad.

Abby// well I have to go, I'm going to be late.

Gracie got a ride with her boyfriend Jace so I hop in my car and start driving directly to school. As I pull up I see Gracie and Jace by the lockers and Lexi about 10 feet away from them. Two options: 1) Go in a different direction and stay away from Lexi, but stand all alone. Or 2) go stand with Gracie and Jace and just try and ignore Lexi. I went with number 2.

"Hey girly" Gracie said. "Sup Abigail" Jace said. "Hey guys, how are you?" I questioned. "We're doing okay." Gracie answered for the both of them. After that they started talking about some random thing and I kind of zoned out. Out of nowhere I heard Lexi and she was saying "oh my gosh Matt your back! come here" and I was super confused. Then I heard "Matt why are you ignoring me! Come say hi. Why are you still walking away?" Then something happened that I will always remember. There was a slight tap on my right shoulder. I quickly turned around to see who was there and before my eyes was Matthew Lee Espinosa. Before I could process what was happening he picked me up and gave me the biggest hug I have ever received and then he spun me around. He then set me down but continued to hug me. He whispered into my hair "it's so nice to meet you Abby." His words sent shivers down my spine. I think he noticed, but then I whisper back "no Matt, it is more than amazing to meet you." We stood there for what seemed to be forever but before we even let go, someone grabbed my hair and pulled me back. I turned around and of course it was Lexi. "Matthew why would you even touch this slut, and why didn't you answer when I called your name."

We stood there for a good minute, me and Matt staring into each others eyes while Lexi stood there looking pissed. His face had a look of realization on it. "It makes sense now. Lexi, you are the one who has been bullying Abby, aren't you?" Matt said. "I wouldn't call it bullying Matt" she said casually. Matt then grabbed my hand and we walked away. We didn't walk into school, we walked to his car.

He opened the door for me and I gladly stepped inside, he then shut my door and got in through his door. "Why aren't we in school Matt?" I asked curiously. "I wanna get to know you." He said like it was no big deal. "And besides, you told me your mom left for a business trip so she won't even know." He added. "Good point." I said.

He then started the engine sped out of the parking lot, leaving me in the passenger seat wondering where I'm going and how this all even happened.


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