Chapter 1

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Rose's POV:

"Hey Rose, wanna sleepover tonight?", Julia asked from the other end of the phone.

Julia O'Brien, tall, long brown hair, funny, everything you want in a best friend.

"Sure just let me ask my mom."

"You already know she's going to say yes, and if you come over now we can have at least 2 hours at the mall."

I was tempted,"Oh alright, I'll just text her when I'm at your place."

"Okay see ya!", then she hung up.

I packed an overnight bag and brought some extra money for the mall. Then I drove down 2 blocks to Julia's house. When I knocked Dylan answered the door.

Dylan O'Brien, funny, nice, charming, everything you want in a best friend.

"Heya Rose!"

"Hi Dylan."

"So I hear your sleeping over? Well I'm going over Jerome's house tonight well I mean your house."

Jerome is my brother that is also best friends with Dylan. I also have another brother, Ben.

"Well then I'll probably see you tomorrow. Bye.", I rushed past him and ran up to Julia's room.

She was on her phone then looked up and gave me a welcoming look. So I decided to text my mom about the sleepover. And of course she responded okay. Julia got off her phone and she grabbed her purse and dragged me downstairs and outside to the car. After we arrived at the mall we saw Dylan. Just Dylan, not with my annoying brother Jerome.

"Hello ladies.", he said gently while walking up to us," and what brings you to the mall this beautiful night?"

"Uhh duh you dumbass, we are here to shop.", Julia sassed.

Dylan gave her a 'like seriously' look. I giggled, then we all walked into Forever 21.

"I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be back.", Julia walked off.

I grabbed some dresses and told Dylan to sit in a chair and wait. I came out in a maroon and gray sparkling, VERY short dress. I didn't really know it would be that short though. I walked out and spun around.

" So, what do you think?"

"Well, it kinda short. I don't think your ass can handle that much intensity."

I laughed and stated," My ass is just fine on its own Dylan O'SmartAss." I stuck my tongue out and walked back into the dressing room, this time changing into a nice blue one. And this time my ass could handle it. I walked out hoping to see Dylan amazed but he wasn't there.

"Ahhh!", I screamed as Dylan picked me up from behind," Let me go!"

Some little girls walking by pointed at Dylan and whispered. To bad they aren't good at whispering. They were all like omg he's so hot and giggled. But I can't blame them, when I was there age I loved hotter older teenage boys.
Dylan put me down and then Julia came back.
Dylan then left and me and Julia bought a ton of clothing. We left, drove back to her house and feel asleep right away.

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