jahvie fan fiction one: 

dahvies POV: well its night time finally me and jayy are meeting Haley and drew at the bar for a night out i haven't had one in a while, i was excited to see what the night would bring, i put on my makeup some eye shadow and unity stripes. im all ready i head downstairs to see jayy looking fucking adorable as usual, with his black eye shadow and his handcuffs on his belt loops wearing his hail Satan shirt. 

"hey you ready to go?" i asked with excitement 

"yeah, lets go fuck shit up!" 

we walk to the car and drive straight to the bar and of course there is Haley and drew waiting for us, i get out me and jayy walk in and greet everyone there, i take shots here and there but i did not feel like drinking i wanted to be able to drive jayy home later. jayy started drinking immediately and had plenty of drinks, he was wasted by the time we had to leave. on the way home jayy was all over me, kissing me on the cheek touching me telling me im amazing and how bad he wants me. to be honest i liked it, more liked loved, I've always liked messing around with jayy nothing serious but to experiment or have fun the farthest we have gone was drunkenly made out. i had to drag jayy up to the door when we reached home. 

"jayy come we are almost there" i said with laughter

"but i wanna have fun, i don't want to go to sleep!" 

"you don't have to just watch TV or something" 


"yeah jayy?" jayy took his hands and put them on my face, he leaned in and kissed me.. his lips against mine, it was perfect. i dident reject him but i gave in, i wanted him so bad i don't know what came over me, i wanted to go farther than just making out..... we walked into the house lips against each other me leading him into the living room, i threw him onto the couch and got on top of him i held his face against mine and we just sat there kissing and moaning. i was enjoying this so much

jayy stopped kissing me and finally spoke

"dahvie, i want to make love, i want it rough" he whispered into my ear i cant tell you how much i was turned on by those words. i got off jayy and lead him upstairs into his bedroom, he fumbled onto the bed i quickly got on top of him and kissed him up and down his neck while unbuttoning his pants, jayy was continuously moaning i dident want to stop, after i finally got his pants off he rolled onto me so that i was laying on my back looking up at him.. he was so beautiful the way he talked to me and kissed me was amazing, he kissed me on my neck and moved his mouth slowly down to my stomach and each nerve in my body tingled he finally got to my pants with his mouth and started unbuttoning them he got them off no problem, jayy with no hesitation started giving me head, i moaned i wanted more he moved slowly up and down i laid there eyes closed mouth open  i want him. he stopped and started kissing me up my stomach, i rolled over onto him and went down on him, slowly i put my mouth around the start of his member and began slowly inserting more into my mouth, all i heard was his moans and cries for more and faster, he got me so turned on i stopped and kissed his stomach and inserted myself into him and his yelp when i did almost made me stop but he begged for more, i thrusted myself back and forth nice and slow to enjoy this moment with him, i started stroking his cock and he kept moaning wanting me to go harder and faster, so i did i stroked him as fast as i thrusted, him screaming my name, he came all over my hand and i kept going faster and i finally came too i laid there on top of him out of breath it was amazing, i treasured this more than anything. he pulled me up to his face and kissed me i rolled over next to him.

"jayy that was amazing" he dident answer i looked over and he was passed out, i smiled and put my arms around him and just started thinking, was this the right thing to do? will this ruin things? i thought about this all night and i started to regret having sex with him, witch i don't understand because i enjoyed it so much. i feel asleep in jayy s arms and was peaceful.

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