chapter 2 meeting eachother

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hiccup:'wakes up,he looks around and sees he is in a room,he sees everyone,but there was also other people'

goku:'sits up'what happened? where are we?

vegeta: kakarot get your a## off me!

it shows goku sitting ontop of vegeta back.

goku: o-oh! sorry vegeta! i didnt see you there!

lloyd:'stands up,he screams in horror seeing that he looks human'what is going in?!

kai: this is insane?!

then a stuff bear appears,on a podium.

monokuma: hello! i am monokuma! im the principle of this place!

vegeta: where the h### are we?! did you kidnap us?!

monokuma: whoa,calm down steam vegetable.

vegeta: how dare you?!

jay: why are we here?!

monokuma: your here to play a game!

astrid: a game?

monokuma: a killing game!

everyone: killing game?!

monokuma: yup! dont worry your all in a virtual world!

jay: that means we wont actually die,right?

monokuma: yup!

goku: killing is wrong!

monokuma: ok everyone! get some sleep! so to your room!

everyone:'walks to a room,it had there picture on it'

hiccup:'lays down and thinks'this is crazy.

he looks at the room.

hiccup:'thinks'might as well get some rest.

soon hiccup eyes closed,and he was asleep.

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