Chapter 18: (EXPLICIT) I See The Truth

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Mikki's POV:

After our long kiss, I took him by the hand and led him into Jorel's house. I unpacked all of the bags I had, then folded the clothes and put them into my suitcases. I was leaving for tour at midnight. Krys and Danny are picking me up. I had secretly bought Ash a Straightener since Killer and Tokyo destroyed his. I still can't believe that Morghin is going with Andy. And on my first Tour without my brother watching over me like a puma on steroids. Ahhh!!! If I think about this anymore I swear I will rip my hair out.

I decided to pass some time by re dying the ends of my red hair black again. The black was fading from sun, heat, and washes anyway. I walked into the bathroom to find Ashley messing with his hair again.

"Hey baby"

"Hey babe" I replied kissing his cheek. Being with him felt right. Even though I was underage right now, I would be 18 next month anyway, even though I was born on February 29th because of Leap Year.

"Are you messing with your already perfect hair again?" I asked giggling. I couldn't help it, some of the faces he makes in the mirror are hilarious!

"Yes. And are you going to dye the ends of your hair again?" He asked chuckling. God has officially mad a perfect guy.

"Yep. Part of my tour preparations is making my knee length red hair look like someone took Andy's lighter, your hairspray, and lit my hair on fire." When I said that, we both burst out laughing.

"Do you want some help with dying your hair babe?" He asked, now holding my waist and looking into my eyes.

"Sure if you want to, it's normally a pain in the ass to do it anyway." I replied, gazing into his chocolate brown eyes.

"How so?" He asks, with a questioning look.

"I need to put it up in a ponytail way on top of my head just to barely see the ends of my hair." I said. His look changed from questioning to loving. I swear he is the sweetest man. I prepared the solution and Ashley reached into his Hot Topic bag that was next to him. He pulled out a set of 6 black sparkly scrunchies.

"Ashley baby, why did you buy scrunchies?" I asked laughing

"I bought them so I could do your hair for your flight." He replied

"Turn around." He said smiling. I did as I was told and he put one o the scrunchies in my hair. He removed the clear gloves from the instructions and put them on. Then he put some dye on his gloves hands and started going over the faded black ends of my hair.

When he finished, he tied a towel around my waist so the dye wouldn't stain my clothes, even though I was wearing black anyway. He then set a timer for 30 min.

~~~~~30 min later~~~~~

We walked to the bathtub and he rinsed the dye out of my hair. He then lead me by my hand back towards the mirror. He took out another scrunchie and braided my hair in pigtails. They were past my butt. He placed his hands on my sides and we leaned in for a kiss. This one more passionate though. His tongue traced my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I wanted to tease him just a little, so I didn't let him in. Of coarse he got frustrated and slapped my ass, forcing me to open my mouth to moan. Our tongues danced, and he pulled me closer to him. This moment was perfect. I ran my hands through my hair, and his hands were rubbing up and down my sides. He broke our kiss and started kissing my neck.

"Ash...Stop..." I said. I never told Ash I still had my V card.

"You don't really want me to stop..." He said in a low, sexy whisper in my ear. He was right, I was just nervous. By this time, Ash had found my sweet spot, making me moan softly. I felt him smirk against my neck, then he gave me a Victorias Secret bag, even though I was positive I went through all the bags I had.

"I thought I went through all of these?"

"I picked these out special, pick one to wear." He said with lust in his eyes and a dirty smirk on his face. I started to walk towards the bathroom, when Ashley slapped my ass and wolf whistled. I opened the bag and found 3 pairs of sexy lingerie. I decided on the zebra print set with blue lace trim.he was laying on the couch by the nice warm fire we had set, when I leaned against the doorframe.his jaw dropped when he saw my half naked body.

"I think Charlie is missing an Angel." He said looking me up and down.

" like?" I asked, even though I knew the answer.

"Purdy like!" He growled and started sucking on my neck again.

"Ash?" I said in between moans.

"Yes baby?" He said still kissing me.

"I still have my innocence." I said quietly. He stopped kissing me and held my waist. He gazed into my eyes lovingly.

"I'll be gentle. I promise.

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