Ch 11: Embarrassing bbq

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Chapter 11: Embarrassing bbq

Chapter 11:


Elena's POV: (Cole's POV will be here also...)



"Kat! What have I gotten myself into?" I cried, and dramatically threw myself on my bed. I heard her sigh a laugh.

"Elli, you could have said no, but you being you,...your way too nice! Although, this bbq will be loads of fun for me! I get to see you squirm! Hahaha!" She laughed at my expense. I threw a pillow at her face, and thought to myself. I'm such an idiot! Meeting the family already! I mean I really care about Cole, but isn't it a little early? I shook my head. No, calm down's just meeting some people,...people who are going to judge you and criticize you...uh GOD! I groan in frustration, and Kat is just shaking her head at me. I get up to the bathroom trying to calm myself down, and wash my face...AGAIN!! Stupid Nate! He drew on our faces saying how awesome he is!. My face is red from all the scrubbing, but I'm positive that it will be off by tomorrow morning.

"Is it coming off?!" Kat yelled from across the hall.


"Kind of..." I groaned. I'm going to kill him, and his friends! Stupid mother fudger! I give up quickly, and head back to my room exhausted, and ready for sleep.

"Hey, do you mind if I stay here? If my brother and the guys did this to our face in public...I really don't want to know what they'll do if I'm by myself..." She shuddered. I weakly laugh, as tiredness consumed me, and nodded. She stays over all the time, so I would be shocked if she decided not to. We quickly change into our pj's, I let Kat borrow some of mine, although, she wasn't too comfortable with the stuff I wear to bed. So I went and dug until I found some sweats and a large t-shirt.

"Ya, know, I'm always shocked to see the stuff you wear to bed, but your such a goodie, goodie." Kat laughed tiredly. I just yawned and mumbled whatever before falling asleep, very aware that I'll be seeing my boyfriend/teacher tomorrow. That thought brought a smile to my face.





Cole's POV!:


I'm so nervous for tonight! As I'm droning on and on about something to do with history, all I can wait for is 6th period. The girls in these classes are shameless, do they really think I'll look at them that way? No...I have Elena. I smiled, and continued with my lesson.

I wonder if she'll like my family? I know they'll love her, because she's funny, beautiful, smart, and doesn't take crap. Finally it's the end of 5th period, and I can't wait to see her. Part of me still believes she's really not here, but all that shot out the window when she walked through the door, and her eyes immediately fell on me. I gave her a small smile, but had to turn away, before anyone notices. I have to say, this secret relationship has it's falls, but I could see it being fun. Like I always say, stolen cookies just taste better. ;)

It takes all I have through the lesson not to sit and stare at her, but apparently I'm not doing a very good job because she looks back at me and mouthed, 'knock it off!' with a slight smile. I shake my head to clear it and continue to look at the clock, wishing school was over already.

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