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You ran into the room seeing Rengoku laying there his eyes closed.

He wasn't awake...

"Rengoku?" You called out

"He woke up then just fell back down" Mitsuri informed her eyes filled with tears

"Ara Ara!" Shinobu half screamed running into the room holding her hand against the left side of his neck "His pulse is really weak" She half whispered in her own disbelief

No he can't die. You haven't apologised yet!

You looked around the room all of the Hashira standing there just staring at Rengoku, than one by one they bowed and walked out of the room tears in their eyes

"I have to get some medicine" Shinobu informed as she walked out her voice cracking

You made your way to Rengoku kneeling next to the bed "Hey you have to get up Rengoku Tanjiro can't loose you okay Inosuke can't loose you Zenitsu can't loose you we can't loose you I can't loose you" You whispered quietly to him "Please get up" You half cried out tears swelling up in your eyes "Please get up please get up please be okay" you begged


"Rengoku?" You asked a smile forming on your face

"Ara Ara not quite" Shinobu informed walking into the room "First Zenitsu calls me his grandpa now your calling me Rengoku do i really seem that masculine?" She joked as she injected a small vile into Rengokus left arm "he will be okay"

"Are you sure?" You ask

"No" She replies

"Oh" that hurt, it felt like a knife went through your chest "Goodbye Shinobu Rengoku" You bowed

"Goodbye sweet Y/N" Shinobu replied as you walked out.

You walked from the estate to the masters bowing down

"Yes my child?" He says in a calm voice

"When is my next mission" You ask still bowing down for him

"You are a Hashira now my dear child you do not need to go after low level demons the lower level slayers can handle that" He informed

"But master sir i beg of you to allow me to go on a mission" You say as you look up at him

"You can't runaway from your problems by attacking demons"

"I can try" You laugh back

"Okay my dear child there is a demon near here attacking young children i was going to send Tanjiro and Nezuko but you may go instead" He spoke

"Oh thankyou master" You bowed once again before taking of for your estate. You walked into your room, gathering up your things and fixing up your uniform as you let out a small sigh you were doing this just to get away from your problems you knew it wouldn't fix them but if you could avoid them for long enough maybe they'd go away. You told yourself as you sharpened and polished your Katana before placing it in your new holder.

You walked out of your estate coming face to face with Mitsuri "Oh Y/N I didn't think you would be coming out right now" She laughed taking a step back

"Mitsuri what are you doing here?" You ask

"I just wanted to see you maybe get some food with you" She paused hesitant on what to say next she wanted to choose her words wisely "But i see your busy i'll come back later?" She half asked

"Oh no" you pause it was quite early and you only had to travel a few miles you could make it in an hour "I've got time" You say watching her smile perk up

"Oh good!" She giggled out

You soon found yourself kneeling on the floor sharing a huge bowl of ramen with Mitsuri and god could she eat "Mmmm this is so good" She groaned out her voice still soft

"It is amazing" You agreed shoving a huge amount of noodles into your mouth

"So Y/N you and Gi" Mitsuri got interrupted by a loud groan as a man walked into the room his eyes landing on the both of you making his cheeks burn a bright red

"I- Y/N! M-Mitsuri im sorry!" He frantically yelled

"Genya it's fine" You laugh, Mitsuri invited him to sit down and he hesitantly agreed sitting ifromt of the both of you silently wishing yous could move back. Being around you was bad enough for him but being around Mitsuri was 10% harder she always had her cleavage showing and it made Genyas head feel dizzy.


I finished eating with the two and explained i had a mission i had to get to after saying my goodbyes to both Genya and Mistsuti avoiding all other Hashiras I made my way to the small town a few miles east from here, I ran at a fast pass wanting to get there before the sun came down to ask around about the killings of young children.

I entered the small town looking around the taste of dust on my tounge, I could hear small amounts of chattering around the town square it seemed as if people were having a small festival. "Hi good sir, my name is Y/N I wanted to ask about the deaths of young children if you don't mind telling me" I half explain tripping over my words slightly i really didn't want to set him off for all i knew his kid could of been one of the several victims.

"Ahhh a young saviour aye?" The older man questioned sitting on his small chair "Kids been dying for a long long time aint no way you can help us darl so just pack up and leave before it takes your head alright" He warmed his hair blowing in the wind the roots were grey but the rest of his hair was a dark brown almost black

"Oh im not worried about that good sir i can handle myself" I smile gesturing towards the Katana on my hip making a laugh erupt from his dry lips

"You think thatll protect you? Your dumber than the last one" He replied leaning back making his slightly rusty chair creek

"The last one?" Master didn't mention anything about another slayer coming here...

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