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This isn't a new chapter and this doesn't have anything to do with this book or any other book of mine (at least up until now). What this may be considered as is a tiny little oneshot.

This oneshot is basically an actual situation from my life. I was just randomly thinking about it and I thought hey, I should turn this into a oneshot, so here we are!

I hope you enjoy


"Oh shut up man," She said, cringing outwardly at the horrible joke yet a chuckle involuntarily left her lips. He was so damn bad at jokes, but that was just one of the many things she liked about him.

"A- A fish without eyes," He laughed, wiping his tears, "A fsh!" He wheezed out before doubling over in laughter. 

"I don't even know why I let you talk around me," She grumbled making him playfully punch her shoulder.

"You know you loveee meee," He sang and she could only sigh.

She knew she did.. if only he did too.

But she rolled her eyes and concealed the swell of longing in her heart and looked at him as though he was nothing more than her best friend, as though she didn't hope they were anything more than best friends.

"Just pick up the damn box and carry it to class. If we waste any more time than we already have that Vanessa lady is going to have my head," She joked making him laugh and pick up the cardboard box their teacher had asked them to bring from her office which was a level lower than their classroom. 

The teacher had asked only him to go fetch it but for some reason, he had pulled her along, which reminded her -

"By the way," She started, closing the door of the office behind them, "What did you want to talk to me about?" 

The boy felt his face heat up as the tips of his ears turned pink, "I wanted to tell you something.." He sheepishly trailed off, the floor suddenly seeming more interesting to him than anything else at that moment.

His reaction to her words didn't go unnoticed as she raised an amused brow at him. She knew what was coming, she had heard the rumors, but that hadn't affected her. At least not outwardly. But him accepting and acknowledging the rumors like this, she didn't know how much longer she could keep up the act. So as casually as she could manage and as unsuspecting as she could sound she asked him, "What's up?"

He sighed the sigh of a boy in love and mumbled out the words she never knew could cause her such pain, "I found myself a girlfriend.."

She knew this was coming. She had known since the very first time the news about him and the straight-A student from the class next door had flown past her like a breeze. But hearing him say it himself wasn't a breeze, it was a strong wind that had blown her away.

He was her best friend though, she needed to be happy for him. There was no way she could care about herself and her feelings at that moment when the boy in front of her looked so love-stricken.

So she fought against the raging winds and pushed and pushed until she found that she had created within herself a spiraling typhoon of emotions. It made her dizzy, but she stood her ground.

"No way!" She exclaimed as though he hadn't just shattered her heart into a million tiny pieces.

"Yes way!" He replied with happiness that made her heart painfully soar.

"Oh my god, congratulations!" She exclaimed with glimmering eyes and a wide smile on her face.

"Thank you!" He replied, his happiness exponentially increasing as he saw his best friend's excitement.

Little did he know her glimmering eyes were actually from the tears she held back, and her wide smile a practiced expression from every time she had heard about his relationship.

"It's Clair, isn't it?" She teased, making him blush even more and nod in reply.

"I knew it!" She cheered, "I told you she had a thing for you! God, finally!"

"Okay, okay, you were right," He rolled his eyes before his eyes glazed over, almost as though he was thinking back to the moments he had spent together with his girlfriend. Indeed, he was doing just that.

"She's so damn cute," He sighed, "You know, she's the perfect height! She just comes up to my chest so when I hug her I feel like I'm hugging a teddy bear," He said with a giddy giggle.

"I'm so happy for you man," She said softly, and it was true. She was so happy that he was happy, she was so happy that at least one of them found their person, and she was so happy that it was him instead of her because she certainly never ever wanted him to feel what she was feeling at the moment.

 Then he looked at her. His eyes filled with so much affection, it broke her heart even more, "You know you're the best person in my life, right?" He spoke lowly, seriously, truthfully, but she just chuckled and playfully slapped his arm.

"Not for long," She sang, wagging her finger in his face and making him laugh slightly.

"No but really," He spoke again, stopping in his tracks to look at her in her eyes, "Thank you for being there for me," He said honestly, and then he said the words she always wanted to hear, yet when he did say them, it felt as though she had been stabbed in the heart, stabbed with the most gorgeous, the most beautifully crafted blade in the world -

"I love you."

But she knew him, and she knew that he didn't.

She was never a jealous person, she never wished to take Clair's place, she never wished it was her instead, but that didn't mean it didn't hurt more than she could ever explain. She had been in love for years, after all. All she wanted was to pull him in the tightest hug he had ever been in and tell him how much he meant, but she could never do that.

So she said it. Without any hesitation, without a second thought, because she didn't know if she would get the chance to ever again. She gave him the brightest smile she could muster and held her tears to the best of her abilities. With all the honesty and all the love in her heart, she said it.

"I love you too."


Ughhh heartbreak! It's the worst thing in the world. 

Anyways, this just kinda helped me vent my feelings a bit, so yeah.

If anyone wants to share their heartbreak story, or just any story in general, you can send me a direct message on wattpad and I'll make sure I reply, cause who's going to be there for humans if not humans themselves?

Okay, I'm gonna go now, I'll see you in the next chapter of the story

Until then, goodbye!

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