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So here we go again! A book I thought I may not update again.

So keeping aside the making fun of Indian serials, I wanted to mention some real problematic part of the Indian Serials, and actually not just serials, some movies too. There are so many ways they promote toxic behavior, and may be that makes some general people think what they are doing is okay. 

And by toxic behavior, I mean blackmailing. Emotional blackmail. Toxic behavior can be many more, but I wanted to mention about this in particular.

So yesterday I was watching some serial and there was a scene (from serial in ZTV, Meet) that mother and grandmother was begging the girl to get married to whom she was refusing to get married saying they have done so much, please save the dignity of the family by marrying that guy because that's what the girl always do - save the dignity of the family. 

The creators have made it look like some emotional scene by making it look like as if some heart touching scene is happening. And not just with the girl, with the guy too. The guy's father goes and begs him to do the same - to marry that girl. And just the same blackmail drama is happening. 

So what was wrong with this scene? 

They are blackmailing their own child, making them emotional and all to get them to marry someone. Marrying isn't something like go and buy a dress or something. The decision doesn't just happen overnight, like how we can just decide about buying a dress overnight by scrolling through amazon. And it should not be parents' forced decision.

Actually I am going off the track from what I really wanted to mention. Blackmailing shouldn't be something romanticized. Doesn't matter if it comes from parents also, it is toxic.

I am not saying that serial shouldn't include those scene. I just want people to know what is wrong, but serials and movies make it look like it is something heroic. They should treat problematic behavior as problematic behavior.

And not just in this serial, yesterday there was another scene in another serial. I forgot the name of the serial, but the serial is about badminton players from the same channel. I badly want to talk about so much wrong going on in this serial, but let's just stick to the point for now.

So the scene goes like this: the girl is in the house, there are people over at her house and the guy calls her and says he is behind her house and want to meet her. She says she cant because people in the house wont let her. So what happens next? Blackmail.

The guy says if she wont agree to come, he will go inside instead.

This scene made me feel so uncomfortable and sick.

May be you might feel I'm over exaggerating, but this triggered my PTSD. There was someone who used to do this to me, and that person would leave no choice so I had to do what I was told. The consequences would be I'd get physically or mentally harassed later so it would be better to do as I was told to. I had no one to ask help from, and it escalated so much to the point I thought it'd be better if I just died. Well, things changed and now and it's all fine and that person is no longer in my life (don't worry, I didn't kill anyone, that person still alive).

This all happened when I was in India. And I'm not saying Indians are like this, because majority of people I met was really nice and sweet. But what I want to say is, I think many people doesn't even realize blackmail is something that needs to be taken seriously. And specially because serials and movies glamorize people who blackmail.

If criminals do it, it is taken wrong. But if the protagonist does it to get the girl or to get the boy, it is shown as something meaningful. But no, it doesn't matter whoever does it and for whatever purpose, this should be taken serious and people shouldn't normalize blackmailing as something cool.

"If you love me, do this for me,"
"I gave birth to you, so you listen to me,"
"I did this for you, so you should be doing this for me,"

All this is so wrong! People have their right to decide what they want to do. And if someone is trying to violate that by taking away their choices, it should be taken as something serious. May be a tiny bit of harmless blackmail where no one really get harmed is okay, but what happens in serial is something absurd and the makers make it seem like it is something okay when it's clearly not. 

What do you all think about it?

Also, this is going to be completely off the track - but about the person I mentioned earlier... I have only told about it to one good friend of mine but later on I used to wonder, and I actually still wonder that what if that person gets another girl to make her go through what I went through? What if I didn't do a right thing by not speaking against that action? I got rid of the person because I was able to pay the huge amount they asked me to and I paid and later I was finally free, but what if they get a girl who wont be able to pay them later and be stuck with them forever? Their family was really sweet and kind, so I never got the heart to tell them about that person, but what if I should have? I am not really sure, I just keep wondering about this time to time even after I have no connection anymore with that person (I am connected with the family member still). So in your opinion, do you think I should have informed their family about it? Or am I just over thinking about it...?

Let me know your thoughts! On the entire topic, and also for the last paragraph. 

See you! In case if I update again sometime...

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