Chapter 7

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"You're pregnant?" Tanner asks Toshima. The pack had decided to leave in the morning, instead of in a few minutes.
"I can explain, son." Toshima gets up from her sunny grass bed.
"You knew this whole time. Axx obviously knew so that means that you knew also, but chose not to tell me. How did that pass in your mind as okay." A slight growl arises in Tanners throat but he stifles it.
"Please, Tanner," Toshima whines, "Don't you realize that it was less likely for your Alpha to let me join your pack if they knew that I was expecting within the next week."
"Not only are you pregnant, but you're almost due! Unbelievable."
"Why is this affecting you so much?" Alana says, making Tanner jump a little bit.
"Alana this doesn't include you." he says softly.
"It doesn't involve you either. Why are you so upset about it." She snaps back at him, sitting next to Toshima.
"My mother lied to me." he barks.
"I didn't lie, Tanner." Toshima scoots closer to him, "I did it for the safety of the pup inside me. I'm positive that if Alana was expecting, you would do everything in your power to ensure that pups safety." Tanner met her gaze, Toshima's eyes full of hurt and concern.
"You should have told somebody. If not me, then Alana or someone else. They could've made sure you weren't treated as harshly as Omegas' usually are." He sighs and turns away. Alana walks after him.
"We should be getting ready to leave soon." she says, trotting up to his side.
"Yeah." Tanner replies blankly.
"Oh, don't tell me that you're mad at me."
"Then I won't."
"You're joking."
"Just because I agreed with your mother, you're going to act like this with me?" she raises her voice.
"It's not that." he lowers his head.
"Go on, tell me what it is then. Complain all you wa-"
"I love you, Alana! You chose her over me, and that kills me. You don't understand how much that you mean to me. The fact that you chose my mother over me, hurts more than you understand." He stops abruptly, panting frustratedly.
"I love you, too." Alana nuzzled his shoulder and he wrapped his neck around her, "I'm sorry. Let's not fight because honestly I like this better." she says into his neck.
"Me too." Tanner grins, showing his sharp canines.
"You make me sick, Tanner." Drayden appears behind them.
"Back down, Drayden. You wouldn't want to get hurt, now would you." Tanner growls, still nuzzled up to Alana.
"You won't hurt me." Drayden chuckles.
"You seem to be underestimating me." Tanner snarls, taking a step toward Drayden and away from Alana.
"Tanner be nice to him." Alana tells Tanner softly.
"Fine." He spits out, "but he better not try anything.
"Oh, I will definitely be trying something. I will ask Alana to accept my request to challenge you for her. I will beat you, then Alana and I will start a family, and not one of hybrids at that." Drayden sneers, "Alana, dear, if I beat Tanner at a fight, will you be my mate."
Drayden sits in front of the couple so sure of himself that he is already squaring up to Tanner. Tanner couldn't help himself. He chuckled louder than he wished too, causing Alana to glare at him. He quieted but still slightly chuckled under his breath.
"Listen Drayden," Alana started, "I'm really sorry, but it's a no. I'm happy with Tanner. I know it's hard but you need to respect my decisions." She took a step up to him, his body slumped like a wilting flower.
"I thought you were different." Drayden almost growls at her. He turns to Tanner, "Watch your tail Wolfdog. It'll be gone if I ever encounter you again." He faces back towards Alana while slowly walking backwards. "I'll be back for you, my love." and at that he turns and runs into the jumble of dogs at the center of the clearing, sitting next to Felix.
"Can I laugh now." Tanner squeaks out, as if he'd been holding his breath to keep from erupting into a fit of laughs.
"Tanner, there's no need to be rude." Alana giggles at him, "What is his problem with you anyways?" she flicks her head casually. Tanner stops his laughing and just grins at her. "What?" she says.
"I love you." Tanner smiles at her some more, this time bigger, showing off his pearly and sharp canines.
Alana smiles back. She walks closer to him and puts her muzzle into the soft fur between the bottom of his neck and his shoulder, "I love you too, Wolfdog." she licks his neck all the way up to his nose softly.

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