Beautiful Bambi

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My name is Derek Hale. I'm the most popular guy in school and the captain of The Beacon Hills High School Lacrosse Team. I'm extremely graceful on and off the field. But I practically fall on my face  when I see him...Bambi...Stiles Stilinski.

"Earth to still in lala land dreaming about running off into the sunset with Stilinski?"

"Boyd. Shutup. Because you're just as bad when it comes to Erica."


"Well it's not like I can go up to him. I mean he's so beautiful and kind and'm probably just a dumb jock to him."

"Hey man...don't be so hard on yourself. Anyone would be lucky to have someone like you."

"I just hope he feels the same."

"I know. Come on though, Harris will kill us if we're late."

Thankfully I sit right next to Stiles. I just  hope I want make a fool of self as usual...

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