1. The Book

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*Hello hello my lovely pies! So this is a new fic that I am working on and I do hope you enjoy. If you don't know me at all then read my other books cause people tell me they're good so meh. Hope you enjoy this first chapter.*

// Casriel's POV

Castiel woke up that day and did everything he normally would.

He made breakfast, fed his cat and began to tend to the flowers in his garden.

He knew it seemed a bit feminine but he enjoyed watching life bloom from his garden.

He even had a cherry blossom tree in his front yard.

That tree made him happy. But...it also made him sad. He had no idea why.

He felt as if he had shared that tree with someone before-- but whatever. It was probably nothing.

Castiel was now back inside, washing the dirt off his hands. He then proceeded to walk into the bathroom and shower.

After his shower, he dried off his hair with the towel and looked for his cat.

"Cotten? Cotton!" He called.

The heard a small meow from the cupboard.

"Cotton...?" He asked, opening it. The cat meowed loudly and jumped out of the cupboard.

Cotton was a white fluffy car with black paws, black tail and blue eyes.

"You really need to stop hiding in these cupboards-- how do you even manage to get in these and close the doors?!" He chuckled.

Cotton meowed and jumped onto the couch, curling up into a small ball and quickly falling asleep.

Castiel smiled and sat in the arm chair next to the couch. He picked up a book he'd been reading.

It's only been a few days since he got home.

Castiel woke up in the hospital-- confused and worried.

The doctors had informed him that he was in an accident. That he was drunk that night. He was driving.

The thing is...Castiel never recalled drinking. Then the doctors told him his memory would be a bit hazy but that he'd be fine.

Castiel looked around the room.

It all felt a bit...lonely. He had no idea why. It just did.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when someone knocked on the door.

Castiel slowly slumped down in his chair and moved away from the window the furniture was by.

He had always been cautious about people knocking on his door. He wasn't the regular person who would open the door smiling and say hello-- he took precautions.

There could be some ax murderer or drug dealer on the other side of the door.

Castiel waited for a good fifteen minutes before crawling back to the window, making sure whoever knocked, was gone.

Cotton had woken up and watched him roll around the house before rolling his eyes and falling back asleep.

Castiel sighed in relief when he saw no one standing there.

Castiel slowly opened the door and looked around.

On his door step, on the old "Welcome" mat that he should really throw away, was a book. A small book, like a journal-- sorta.

Castiel eyed the book and made sure no one was around before he picked it up and quickly ran back inside.

He shut the door so quickly it woke Cotton up. He hissed at Castiel and stretched outward.

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